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  1. Consequences of reduction of number of individual feeders on feeding behaviour and stress level of feedlot steers

    Contributor(s):: Corkum, M. J., Bate, L. A., Tennessen, T., Lirette, A.

    Hereford steers, average weight 230+or-23 kg, in a 28-day trial period, had access to an individual electronically controlled Calan Broadbent feeder or to 3 or 4 feeders (groups A, B and C, respectively). The steers were fed grass legume silage ad libitum with fresh silage added 4 times daily. 24...

  2. Management and mastitis

    Contributor(s):: Francis, P. G.

    This is the abstr. of a paper presented at the Winter Meeting of the Society for Veterinary Ethology, which was held in London, UK on 3 Dec. 1980. Various measures were investigated to reduce the Escherichia coli population in cubicle (free-stall) straw bedding during a 5-month winter period.