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  1. The 3Rs and Humane Experimental Technique: Implementing Change

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Robert C. Hubrecht, Elizabeth Carter

    In 1959, the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) Scholars Russell & Burch published the Principles of Humane Experimental Technique in which they laid out the principles of the Three Rs. However, the Three Rs owed much to others. It was UFAW and, in particular, UFAW’s...

  2. Owners report cats on diets actually display more affection

  3. Grass management regimes affect grasshopper availability and subsequently American crow activity at airports

    | Contributor(s):: Kennedy, Laura A., Otter, Ken A.

  4. An ethical analysis of the 3 Rs

    | Contributor(s):: Houde, Lisa, Dumas, Claude

  5. The ethics of animal research. Talking Point on the use of animals in scientific research

    | Contributor(s):: Simon Festing, Robin Wilkinson

    Animal research has had a vital role in many scientific and medical advances of the past century and continues to aid our understanding of various diseases. Throughout the world, people enjoy a better quality of life because of these advances, and the subsequent development of new medicines and...

  6. Management and mastitis

    | Contributor(s):: Francis, P. G.

    This is the abstr. of a paper presented at the Winter Meeting of the Society for Veterinary Ethology, which was held in London, UK on 3 Dec. 1980. Various measures were investigated to reduce the Escherichia coli population in cubicle (free-stall) straw bedding during a 5-month winter period.

  7. Consequences of reduction of number of individual feeders on feeding behaviour and stress level of feedlot steers

    | Contributor(s):: Corkum, M. J., Bate, L. A., Tennessen, T., Lirette, A.

    Hereford steers, average weight 230+or-23 kg, in a 28-day trial period, had access to an individual electronically controlled Calan Broadbent feeder or to 3 or 4 feeders (groups A, B and C, respectively). The steers were fed grass legume silage ad libitum with fresh silage added 4 times daily. 24...