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  1. Influence of cultural and religious factors on attitudes toward animals

    Contributor(s):: Jegatheesan, Brinda, Fine, Aubrey H.

  2. Good Dog-Bad Dog: Jews and Their Dogs in Ancient Jewish Society

    Contributor(s):: Schwartz, Joshua, Ackerman-Lieberman, Phillip Isaac, Zalashik, Rakefet

  3. Religion, philosophy and ethics - how these affect our treatment of animals

    Contributor(s):: Tiplady, C.

  4. For Pet Lovers

    Contributor(s):: Kalian, Linda, Kalian, Robert

  5. Hume's Blue Patch and the Mind's Creativity

    Contributor(s):: Rollin, B. E.

  6. 'Caught with ourselves in the net of life and time': Traditional views of animals in religion

    Contributor(s):: Patton, Kimberley