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  1. [Psycho-social stress in humans at mass slaughter of farm animals]

    Contributor(s):: Wichert von Holten, S.

  2. Interpreting the bucrania of Catalhoyuk: James Mellaart, Dorothy Cameron, and beyond

    Contributor(s):: Relke, J.

    The bucranium (bull's head and horns) has been recognized as the most prevalent three-dimensional art form found during the excavations of the Neolithic village of Catalhoyuk in central Turkey. James Mellaart interpreted it as the symbol of the son and lover of the Great Mother Goddess,...

  3. Personality, empathy and attitudes to animal welfare

    Contributor(s):: Furnham, A., McManus, C., Scott, D.

    A total of 833 students completed a four-part questionnaire which measured demographic factors (sex, education, vegetarianism, religiousness), attitudes to animal experimentation, personality (Big Five) and empathy. Attitudes to animal experimentation factored into five interpretable factors, and...

  4. The changing status of animals: Christian and secular teaching

    Contributor(s):: Fidler, M., Coleman, P.

    Recent improvements in the welfare and moral status of animals are commonly perceived as resulting from secular, rather than Christian, teaching. To investigate whether this is currently the case, questionnaires were sent to Christian ministerial training courses and to university departments of...

  5. The Holocaust and blood sacrifice

    Contributor(s):: Sax, B.

    This article looks at affinities between the Holocaust and blood sacrifice of archaic times. It begins with a discussion of the practices and beliefs which have accompanied sacrificial rites in the past. This is followed by a discussion of ancient animal sacrifice, out of which came the practice...

  6. When a pet dies: religious issues, euthanasia and strategies for coping with bereavement

    | Contributor(s):: Davis, H., Irwin, P., Richardson, M., O'Brien-Malone, A.

    68 people from a variety of religious backgrounds and who had experienced the death of a companion animal were interviewed. Questions covered their personal experience of their pet's death, the role that their religion played in this experience and factors affecting how well they coped with...

  7. Comparison of religious slaughter of sheep with methods that include pre-slaughter stunning, and the lack of differences in exsanguination, packed cell volume and meat quality parameters

    | Contributor(s):: Anil, M. H., Yesildere, T., Aksu, H., Matur, E., McKinstryt, J. L., Erdogan, O., Hughes, S., Mason, C.

    UK legislation requiring pre-slaughter stunning has certain exemptions for religious slaughter. Supporters of both Muslim (Halal) and Jewish (Shechita) slaughter methods claim that the efficiency of the bleed out is adversely affected by stunning. In this study, electrical stunning followed by...