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  1. Stakeholder contemporary knowledge needs regarding the potential effects of tall structures on sage-grouse

    Contributor(s):: Messmer, Terry A., Hasenyager, Robert, Burruss, James, Liguori, Sherry

  2. The rationality of biofuel certification: a critical examination of EU biofuel policy

    Contributor(s):: Pols, A. J. K.

    Certification for biofuels has been developed to ensure that biofuel production methods adhere to social and environmental sustainability standards. As such, requiring biofuel production to be certified has become part of EU policy through the 2009 renewable energy directive (RED), that aims to...

  3. Renewable resources and the idea of nature - what has biotechnology got to do with it?

    Contributor(s):: Karafyllis, N. C.

    The notion that the idea of nature is not quite the unbiased rule to design sustainable futures is obvious. But, nevertheless, questions about nature, how it functions and what it might aim at, is leading the controversial debates about both sustainability and biotechnology. These two research...