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  1. A note on the effects of co-mingling piglet litters on pre-weaning growth, injuries and responses to behavioural tests

    Contributor(s):: Kanaan, V. T., Pajor, E. A., Lay, D. C., Jr., Richert, B. T., Garner, J. P.

    The purpose of this study was to determine how co-mingling litters affected piglets' pre-weaning growth, ear injuries, suckling behaviour and responses to behavioural tests used to measure coping abilities. Thirty sows and their respective litters were housed in standard farrowing crates until...

  2. Behavioural comparison of layer and broiler fowl: measuring fear responses

    Contributor(s):: Keer-Keer, S., Hughes, B. O., Hocking, P. M., Jones, R. B.

    Broilers and White Leghorns have different temperaments-White Leghorns are regarded as flighty and broilers as docile. This difference in temperament is sometimes interpreted as a difference between the strains in underlying fearfulness. Five experiments were carried out to compare fear responses...

  3. Acid-base responses of fat-adapted horses: relevance to hard work in the heat

    Contributor(s):: Kronfeld, D. S., Custalow, S. E., Ferrante, P. L., Taylor, L. E., Wilson, J. A., Tiegs, W.

    Feeding and training may affect acid-base responses to strenuous exercise. Acidosis usually correlates with higher blood lactate concentrations during intense exercise, but alkalosis has been found in horses, and higher lactate responses during sprints have been found in fat adapted horses. A...

  4. The effects of modifying the amount of human contact on behavioural, physiological and production responses of laying hens

    Contributor(s):: Barnett, J. L., Hemsworth, P. H., Hennessy, D. P., McCallum, T. H., Newman, E. A.

    White Leghorn x Australorp hens given minimal exposure to humans (regular, but limited, human contact during egg collection, inspections and feeding), showed greater fear of humans, a higher blood corticosterone response to handling and lower hen-day egg production (83.1 vs. 89.4

  5. Guard dogs: sleep, work and the behavioural responses to people and other stimuli

    Contributor(s):: Adams, G. J., Johnson, K. G.

    Sleep-wake cycles and the responses to naturally occurring stimuli were studied in 17 guard dogs; detailed video recordings were made of 10 of these dogs. The guard dogs lived permanently on-site, or were commercially owned and brought on to premises, removed before the workers started and rested...

  6. Response of bonded and non-bonded sheep to the approach of a trained Border Collie

    Contributor(s):: Anderson, D. M., Hulet, C. V., Shupe, W. L., Smith, J. N., Murray, L. W.

    Intra- and interspecific association of cattle and bonded or non-bonded sheep was observed under free-ranging conditions preceding, during and following the approach of a trained Border Collie dog. A bonded sheep is one which consistently stays in close proximity to cattle as a result of a...

  7. Behavioural, saliva cortisol and heart rate responses to different types of stimuli in dogs

    Contributor(s):: Beerda, B., Schilder, M. B. H., Hooff, J. A. R. A. M. van, Vries, H. W. de, Mol, J. A.

    Ten dogs of both sexes, different ages and various breeds were each subjected to 6 different stimuli: sound blasts, short electric shocks, a falling bag, an opening umbrella and 2 forms of restraint. Each type of stimulus had been selected for its assumed aversive properties and was administered...

  8. Responsiveness and perceived intelligence as predictors of speech addressed to cats

    Contributor(s):: Sims, V. K., Chin, M. G.

    Speech addressed to a cat was examined to test whether the use of child-directed language (CDL) with a companion animal is related to perceived intelligence of a listener and/or listener responsiveness. Fifty-one undergraduates briefly entertained a cat using a toy, and the vast majority of these...

  9. Welfare aspects of chick handling in broiler and laying hen hatcheries

    Contributor(s):: Knowles, T. G., Brown, S. N., Warriss, P. D., Butterworth, A., Hewitt, L.

    Six commercial hatcheries were visited in the United Kingdom, three of which processed laying hen chicks and three of which processed broiler chicks. The accelerations experienced by the chicks passing through the handling systems were evaluated using miniature data logging accelerometers, which...

  10. The effects of mirrors on the welfare of caged rabbits

    Contributor(s):: Jones, S. E., Phillips, C. J. C.

    Mirrors can enrich the environment of some social animals kept in isolation. In this study, the effect of mirrors on the behaviour of isolated, or partially isolated, caged rabbits was tested. In a changeover experiment, four treatments were investigated: isolated without mirrors; partially...

  11. Optimisation of breeding strategies to reduce the prevalence of inherited disease in pedigree dogs

    Contributor(s):: Lewis, T. W., Woolliams, J. A., Blott, S. C.

    One option for improving the welfare of purebred dog breeds is to implement health breeding programmes, which allow selection to be directed against known diseases while controlling the rate of inbreeding to a minimal level in order to maintain the long-term health of the breed. The aim of this...

  12. Heart rate and stress hormone responses of sheep to road transport following two different loading procedures

    Contributor(s):: Parrott, R. F., Hall, S. J. G., Lloyd, D. M.

    The physiological responses induced in 18 sheep by 2 different loading techniques followed by a short road journey were investigated. All animals were prepared with venous catheters, to minimize the disturbing effects of blood sampling, and 9 sheep were fitted with heart rate monitors. The...

  13. Responses to a human of dairy cows when they are tethered in stanchion

    Contributor(s):: Shuji, Y.

    A response to the person tethering milking cattle was shown in stanchion. A response toward the person is the very important nature which each individual shows. 15 milking cattle from the Niigata university farm were investigated. When a person stood up in the front, the response which cattle...