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  1. The Loss of a Service Dog Through Death or Retirement: Experiences and Impact on Partners

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Lori R. Kogan, Wendy Packman, Jennifer Currin-McCulloch, Cori Bussolari, Phyllis Erdman

    This study was designed to better understand how service dog partners experience the loss of their service dog. An anonymous survey was distributed to service dog partners who had lost a dog within the last five years. One-way ANOVAs were used to assess loss differences (retirement vs. death)...

  2. Pet Caretaking and Risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia in Older US Adults

    | Contributor(s):: Branson, Sandra, Cron, Stanley

    The purpose of this study was to compare risk factors for dementia in pet caretakers and non-pet caretakers in adults aged 50 years and older, and to examine the association between pet caretaking and conversion of normal baseline cognition to mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and conversion of...

  3. Paving the Path Toward Retirement for Assistance Animals: Transitioning Lives

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Ng, Z., Fine, A.

  4. Considerations for the Retirement of Therapy Animals

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Ng, Z. Y., Fine, A. H.

    With the growth of animal-assisted interventions, the number of animals designated to work as therapy animals continues to increase. These animals participate in this work in varying capacities during life, but there will be a point in time when the animal can no longer engage in these...

  5. Psychological Health Benefits of Companion Animals Following a Social Loss

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Carr, D. C., Taylor, M. G., Gee, N. R., Sachs-Ericsson, N.

  6. Aging animal bodies: horse retirement yards as relational spaces of liminality, dwelling and negotiation

    | Contributor(s):: Franklin, Alex, Schuurman, Nora

    This paper investigates how animal aging and ill-health are managed, spaced, interpreted, and experienced within a horse–human relationship. It does so by exploring the active construction of ‘retirement’ as a legitimate category within the life course of an animal. The analysis...

  7. The importance of our nation's military working dogs: Lisa Phillips at TEDxSanAntonio

    | Contributor(s):: Lisa Phillips

    In this talk, Lisa educates us about the importance of our nation’s military working dogs (MWDs), and how we can honor them and support them while on active duty and in retirement.Lisa Phillips was born and raised in Connecticut, and relocated to Texas after joining the Army in 2001 as a...

  8. Overcoming the barriers to the retirement of Old and New World monkeys from research facilities

    | Contributor(s):: Kerwin, A. M.

    In this commentary I aim to raise awareness among researchers and sanctuary directors to potential barriers to retiring Old and New World monkeys from research facilities. I define a barrier as an opinion or stereotype that prevents primate retirement from occurring on a regular basis. By...

  9. Perspectives of animal assisted activities on empowerment, self-esteem and communication with caregivers on elders in retirement homes

    | Contributor(s):: Dookie, Amanda L.

    This qualitative study explores the potential benefits of animal assisted activities (AAA) on elders’ empowerment, self-esteem, and quality of communication with caregivers in retirement homes. Although the link between self-esteem and AAA has been explored, this is not the case for empowerment...

  10. Retirement, life satisfaction, and pet ownership: Please don't take my sunshine away

    | Contributor(s):: Norris, Patricia Ann Castle

  11. A study of ethologic and therapeutic factors of pet-faciliated therapy ina retirement-nursing community

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Andrysco, Robert Michael

  12. Pets and Loneliness

    | Contributor(s):: Woodward, John C., Queen, Janel

  13. Toward a better understanding of loneliness in community-dwelling older adults

    | Contributor(s):: Smith, J. M.

  14. CCRCs of the West

    | Contributor(s):: Dyson, Katharine

  15. Get a pet

    | Contributor(s):: Koff, Art

  16. Now Hear This

    | Contributor(s):: Tucker, Mike

  17. Saddle up!

    | Contributor(s):: Stewart, Nina

  18. Serving the Passion for Pets

    | Contributor(s):: Naylor, June

  19. 'Letting them go' - agricultural retirement and human-livestock relations

    | Contributor(s):: Riley, M.

    Through a focus on agricultural retirement, this paper extends on the recent work considering human-livestock relations. Drawing on research conducted in Hampshire and West Sussex (UK), the paper utilises farmers' narratives of farm work and retirement to explore the themes of [dis]connection...

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