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  1. Innovative robotic hippotherapy improves postural muscle size and postural stability during the quiet stance and gait initiation in a child with cerebral palsy: A single case study

    Contributor(s):: Park, J. H., You, J. S. H.

  2. Effectiveness of a social robot, 'Paro,' in a VA long-term care setting

    Contributor(s):: Lane, Geoffrey W., Noronha, Delilah, Rivera, Alexandra, Craig, Kathy, Yee, Christina, Mills, Brent, Villanueva, Eimee

  3. Physiological effects of a companion robot on blood pressure of older people in residential care facility: a pilot study

    Contributor(s):: Robinson, H., MacDonald, B., Broadbent, E.

  4. Ethorobotics applied to human behaviour: Can animated objects influence children's behaviour in cognitive tasks?

    Contributor(s):: André, V., Jost, C., Hausberger, M., Le Pévédic, B., Jubin, R., Duhaut, D., Lemasson, A.

  5. Robots: Pets or people?

    Contributor(s):: Grollman, Daniel H.

  6. PulseBeats

  7. Therapeutic seals come to Townsville

    Contributor(s):: Bodak, Marie, Harwood, June, Pether, Mary, Birks, Melanie

  8. Guilty robots, happy dogs : the question of alien minds

    Contributor(s):: McFarland, David

  9. The Psychosocial Effects of a Companion Robot: A Randomized Controlled Trial

    Contributor(s):: Robinson, H., MacDonald, B., Kerse, N., Broadbent, E.

  10. Care robots for the supermarket shelf: a product gap in assistive technologies

    Contributor(s):: Blackman, T. I. M.

  11. Guilty Robots, Happy Dogs: The Question of Alien Minds [Book Review]

    Contributor(s):: Lerner, Berel Dov

  12. Robotic Milking Technologies and Renegotiating Situated Ethical Relationships on U.K. Dairy Farms

    Contributor(s):: Holloway, Lewis, Bear, Christopher, Wilkinson, Katy

  13. Robots and Reality: A Reply to Robert Sparrow

    Contributor(s):: Blackford, Russell

  14. Can you kill a robot nanny?: Ethological approach to the effect of robot caregivers on child development and human evolution

    Contributor(s):: Kubinyi, E., Pongrácz, P., Miklosi, Adam

  15. Children-robot interaction: a pilot study in autism therapy

    Contributor(s):: Kozima, H., Nakagawa, C., Yasuda, Y.

  16. The ethical landscape of robotics: bringing ethics into the design and use of robots.

    Contributor(s):: Łichocki, Pawel, Kahn, Peter H., Jr., Billard, Aude

  17. If it looks like a dog: The effect of physical appearance on human interaction with robots and animals

    Contributor(s):: Sinatra, Anne M., Sims, Valerie K., Chin, Matthew G., Lum, Heather C.

  18. Investigation on people living with seal robot at home: Analysis of owners’ gender differences and pet ownership experience

    Contributor(s):: Shibata, Takanori, Kawaguchi, Yukitaka, Wada, Kazuyoshi

  19. On the utilization of social animals as a model for social robotics

    Contributor(s):: Miklósi, Ádám, Gácsi, Márta

  20. Self-other's perspective taking: The use of therapeutic robot companions as social agents for reducing pain and anxiety in pediatric patients

    Contributor(s):: Okita, Sandra Y.