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  1. Apopo

    Full-text: Available

    Apopo's mission is to develop detection rats technology to provide solutions for global problems and inspire positive social change.

  2. TheraPet, Inc.

    TheraPet, Inc is a a local organization of volunteers, working together to promote the valuable bond between people and animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. are welcome). Our main purpose is for animals and their owners to visit nursing homes, veterans' homes, rehabilitation...

  3. ZooLab

    ZooLab deliver exciting, memorable and high quality animal handling experiences within the education sector and beyond. We never rest on our laurels and are continually looking at new ways of producing unforgettable, curriculum based workshops which promote animal welfare, environmental...

  4. Hudson Valley Visiting Pet Program

    In addition, to providing companionship (called Animal Assisted Activity), animals in Hudson Valley Visiting Pet Program sometimes participate in a facility's therapy program. In Animal Assisted Therapy, a dog might stand while a patient brushes him order to exercise specific arm muscles, or...

  5. Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado

    | Contributor(s):: Ellen Winston

    Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Colorado (AATPC) is a nonprofit mental health center that provides animal assisted therapy and psychotherapy to clients in order to capitalize on the healing power and positive impact of the human-animal bond in a positive, motivating, and...