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  1. Effect of animal’s experience and rodeo procedures on behaviour of bucking horses at a large commercial rodeo in Canada

    Contributor(s):: Goldhawk, Christy, Grandin, Temple, Pajor, Ed

  2. Behaviour of bucking bulls prior to rodeo performances and relation to rodeo and human activities

    Contributor(s):: Goldhawk, Christy, Bond, Guilherme, Grandin, Temple, Pajor, Ed

    There is a paucity of scientific evaluation of to substantiate concerns regarding the welfare of bulls used in bucking performances at rodeos. The current study followed 14 bulls during loading and holding in bucking chutes prior to release into an arena for performance at a large outdoor...

  3. Amerindians at the rodeos and their music

    Contributor(s):: Keillor, Elaine

  4. De la mondialisation considérée comme une tauromachie

    Contributor(s):: Saumade, Frédéric

  5. Jul 13 2014

    1st Global Conference: Making Sense of: The Animal and Human Bond

    This interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary conference invites an exploration of the concept or notion of “animal” in its own right and as visa a vis “human.” While humans are clearly classed as...

  6. Call for Proposals

    Forum › general-discussion › new-initiatives--projects

    We are pleased to share this call for proposals for the 1st Global Conference: Making Sense of: The Animal and Human Bond, which will take place Sunday 13th July – Tuesday 15th July 2014...

  7. Rodeo, an anthropologist looks at the wild and the tame

    Contributor(s):: Lawrence, Elizabeth Atwood