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  1. Oral behaviors of beef steers in pen and pasture environments

    Contributor(s):: Ishiwata, T., Uetake, K., Kilgour, R. J., Eguchi, Y., Tanaka, T.

    This study observed the behavioral characteristics of 122 steers in eight pens and 1,136 steers at six pastures. Nonhuman animals kept in pens performed less nutritive oral behaviors and more nonnutritive oral behaviors than animals kept at pasture. Although these could not be described as...

  2. Discriminating among novel foods: effects of energy provision on preferences of lambs for poor-quality foods

    Contributor(s):: Villalba, J. J., Provenza, F. D.

    A study was conducted to better understand how lambs discriminate among novel foods based on flavour and post-ingestive effects. The manner in which temporal sequence of food ingestion and post-ingestive feedback affected preference when lambs were fed flavoured wheat straw (a poorly nutritious...

  3. Investigation of a 'fibre appetite' in sheep fed a 'long fibre-free' diet

    Contributor(s):: Campion, D. P., Leek, B. F.

    In a series of experiments, 10 Suffolk-cross sheep, 2-5 years of age, were offered a plastic box containing specific amounts of polyethylene fibre, chopped into 10-mm lengths. After 24 h, the remaining fibre was retrieved and weighed. At the same time, jaw movements were recorded for 24-h periods...

  4. The influence of acidosis and live yeast ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae ) supplementation on time-budget and feeding behaviour of dairy goats receiving two diets of differing concentrate proportion

    Contributor(s):: Desnoyers, M., Giger-Reverdin, S., Sauvant, D., Bertin, G., Duvaux-Ponter, C.

    Increasing the percentage of concentrate in the diet can influence feeding behaviour of ruminants. It can also lead to subacute rumen acidosis and the addition of yeast to the rumen ecosystem might influence fermentation and subsequently help the ecosystem deal with the consequences of high...

  5. Temporal contiguity between food ingestion and toxicosis affects the acquisition of food aversions in sheep

    Contributor(s):: Provenza, F. D., Nolan, J. V., Lynch, J. J.

    In a series of experiments, sheep were gavaged with lithium chloride in aqueous solution or in a gelatin capsule while oat chaff or lucerne pellets were consumed. The results showed that feed aversion commenced within 1 h of the dispersion of LiCl within the rumen.

  6. Influence of dry feed supplements on different parameters of welfare in veal calves

    Contributor(s):: Morisse, J. P., Cotte, J. P., Huonnic, D., Martrenchar, A.

    Behavioural, physiological and performance traits were compared in 3 groups of veal calves fed on a routine all-liquid diet with milk substitute (G0) or the same diet supplemented with a total of 10 kg (G10) or 25 kg (G25) of pelleted straw and cereals. Each of the 3 feeding programmes involved...

  7. Peripartum health and welfare of Holstein-Friesian cows in a confinement-TMR system compared to a pasture-based system

    Contributor(s):: Olmos, G., Mee, J. F., Hanlon, A., Patton, J., Murphy, J. J., Boyle, L.

    The greatest challenge to the welfare of dairy cows occurs in the peripartum period. Given the perception that cow welfare is better in more natural environments, it was hypothesised that cows in a PASTURE-based production system (cubicle housing with grass silage pre-partum and rotational...