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  1. Canicross: La aventura de correr con tu perro | Diego Guevara Sánchez | TEDxCordoba

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Diego Guevara Sánchez

    Diego es impulsor de la iniciativa CanRun, con la que une sus dos pasiones: la actividad física y el mundo de los perros. El canicross es un deporte único, que consiste en que las personas corran formando un equipo junto con sus perros. En su charla nos invita a conectarnos con...

  2. Get Slim with Your Pet

    | Contributor(s):: Barrie, Leslie

  3. Factors governing risk of cougar attacks on humans

    | Contributor(s):: Mattson, D., Logan, K., Sweanor, L.

  4. How to do everything better.

  5. The Best Health Decision I Ever Made

  6. Behavioral assessment of intermittent wheel running and individual housing in mice in the laboratory

    | Contributor(s):: Pham, T. M., Brene, S., Baumans, V.

    Physical cage enrichment - exercise devices for rodents in the laboratory - often includes running wheels. This study compared responses of mice in enriched physical and social conditions and in standard social conditions to wheel running, individual housing, and open-field test. The study...

  7. Physical activity in three regional communities in Queensland

    | Contributor(s):: Brown, W. J., Burton, N. W., Sahlqvist, S., Heesch, K. C., McCarthy, K. B., Ng, N., Uffelen, J. G. van

  8. May 18 2013

    2013 Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon, Half Marathon, 5 Person Marathon Relay, Urban 10 Miler and 5K

    IHDI has become a Charity Partner for the Colfax Marathon once again. We’re currently seeking runners and walkers to join with us and help raise awareness for IHDI. Help us spread the word about...

  9. Effects of hikers and boats on tule elk behavior in a national park wilderness area

    | Contributor(s):: Becker, B. H., Moi, C. M., Maguire, T. J., Atkinson, R., Gates, N. B.

  10. Temporal variables of four-beat, stepping gaits of gaited horses

    | Contributor(s):: Nicodemus, M. C., Clayton, H. M.

    Gaited horse breeds perform a variety of four-beat stepping gaits that are recognized and distinguished by the sequence and timing of the footfalls and by the limb support sequences during the stride. The popularity of the gaited horse breeds is increasing and accurate descriptions of limb...

  11. America's healthiest 100

  12. The use and perceived importance of three resources which provide caged laboratory mice the opportunity for extended locomotion

    | Contributor(s):: Sherwin, C. M.

    The study examined the activity of 5 laboratory mice in 3 resources which provided the opportunity for extended or complex locomotion: a 'locomotion-loop' (a 40 cm torus of plastic tunnel), a complex tunnel environment and a running-wheel. In addition, the perceived importance of these resources...