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  1. Zavedenie sobak... iavliaetsia dlia voisk lishnim vremenem

    Contributor(s):: Kashuba, P. G.

  2. Parental education and children's respiratory and allergic symptoms in the Pollution and the Young (PATY) study

    Contributor(s):: Gehring, U., Pattenden, S., Slachtova, H., Antova, T., Braun-Fahrländer, C., Fabianova, E., Fletcher, T., Galassi, C., Hoek, G., Kuzmin, S. V., Luttmann-Gibson, H., Moshammer, H., Rudnai, P., Zlotkowska, R., Heinrich, J.

  3. Other animals : beyond the human in Russian culture and history

    Contributor(s):: Costlow, Jane T., Amy, Nelson

  4. An institutionalized human-animal relationship and the aftermath: the reproductive process of horse-bands and husbandry in Northern Yakutia, Siberia

    | Contributor(s):: Takakura, H.

    Horse breeding is well-known to be one of the traditional means of subsistence for the Sakha (Yakut) of Siberia. Existing research, however, lacks clear descriptions of the reproductive process of the horse-bands and the role which herders play in that process. The objective of this paper is to...

  5. River crossings as principal points of human/reindeer relationship in Eurasia

    | Contributor(s):: Baskin, L. M.

    Since prehistoric time, indigenous peoples throughout Eurasia have hunted reindeer from boats when the animals were swimming across rivers. A number of landscape peculiarities and reindeer behavior features determine the phenomena of mass reindeer river crossings at a few points. Hunting at river...

  6. Animal consciousness and ethics in Asia and the Pacific

    | Contributor(s):: Macer, D.

    The interactions between humans, animals and the environment have shaped human values and ethics, not only the genes that we are made of. The animal rights movement challenges human beings to reconsider interactions between humans and other animals, and maybe connected to the environmental...