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  1. Observer reliability for working equine welfare assessment: problems with high prevalences of certain results

    Contributor(s):: Burn, C. C., Pritchard, J. C., Whay, H. R.

    Welfare issues relevant to equids working in developing countries may differ greatly to those of sport and companion equids in developed countries. In this study, we test the observer reliability of a working equine welfare assessment, demonstrating how prevalence of certain observations reduces...

  2. Reliability of a subjective lameness scoring system for dairy cows

    Contributor(s):: Brenninkmeyer, C., Dippel, S., March, S., Brinkmann, J., Winckler, C., Knierim, U.

    Four observers were trained in lameness assessment using a subjective scoring system with five categories, and observer agreement was investigated four times at different stages of training and experience. Inter-observer reliability increased with time and reached acceptable levels in the last...

  3. Welfare assessment on Japanese dairy farms using the Animal Needs Index

    Contributor(s):: Seo, T., Date, K., Daigo, T., Kashiwamura, F., Sato, S.

    The Animal Needs Index (ANI) is used for on-farm assessment of welfare in Austria. However, no synthetic welfare assessment system exists in Japan. We performed a welfare assessment of Japanese dairy farms using the ANI scoring system. On 25 farms, 36 dairy herds were assessed using the...