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  1. Sep 26 2015

    The Human-Animal Bond Symposium and Recognition Ceremony

    The VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine's Center for Animal Human Relationships (CENTAUR) presents a one-day symposium, The Human-Animal Experience: Exploring the Bond. Experts from...


  2. Jun 05 2015

    Service Dog Education and Awareness Conference

    On June 5, and 6, 2015 Operation Fetch will hold a workshop for first responders, mental health professionals. community leaders, business owners, community advocates and educators. The purpose of...


  3. Apr 17 2015

    The Animal/Human Connection: Clarifying the Roles of Service, Emotional Support, and Therapy Animals

    For millennia, humans have had complex relationships with animals. They have served humans as a source of food, tools, clothing, and scientific research; they have provided labor, transportation,...


  4. Feb 12 2015

    Not Just Warm and Fuzzy: The Proven Value of Including Animals in Therapeutic Regimen

    The Feb. 12 seminar will be presented by Kathy Klotz from Intermountain Therapy Animals.The differences between service/assistance animals and therapy animals will be discussed in the seminars....


  5. Feb 05 2015

    Assistance Dogs-They Are Not All Seeing Eye Dogs

    The Feb. 5 seminar will be presented by Linda Weiskopf from Canine Companions for Independence.The differences between service/assistance animals and therapy animals will be discussed in the...


  6. Oct 15 2014

    Service Animals and You

    More than just a ‘four legged’ companion, service animals play a viable role in the lives of people living with a disability. This webinar will explore the relevance of service animals and how...


  7. Sep 19 2014

    Animal Assisted Intervention International

    Animal Assisted Intervention International (AAII) is a non-profit organization that caters to Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI) within professional healthcare and social service settings. Its...


  8. Mar 29 2013

    Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs - National Service Dogs

    National Service Dogs’ Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs has been hosted in various cities across Ontario over the last 15 years. Getting its start in Oakville ON in 1998, the event quickly became NSD’s...


  9. Mar 20 2012

    No Pets Allowed: Service Animals and Postsecondary Institutions

    Description:Recent revisions to the regulations implementing Title II and III of the ADA have raised increased focus on the issue of service animals in a variety of settings. Postsecondary...