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  1. Not the Cat's Meow? The Impact of Posing with Cats on Female Perceptions of Male Dateability

    Contributor(s):: Kogan, L., Volsche, S.

  2. Fleeing with Fido: an Analysis of What Canadian Domestic Violence Shelters Are Communicating Via their Websites about Leaving an Abusive Relationship when Pets Are Involved

    Contributor(s):: Gray, Allison, Barrett, Betty Jo, Fitzgerald, Amy, Peirone, Amy

  3. Legitimizing leisure experiences as emotional work: A post‐humanist approach to gendered equine encounters

    Contributor(s):: Finkel, Rebecca, Danby, Paula

  4. Gender role conflict theory, research, and practice: Implications for understanding the human-animal bond

    Contributor(s):: O'Neil, James M., Denke, Robyn, Blazina, Chris, Blazina, Christopher, Kogan, Lori R.

  5. Exploring the role of playfulness with canine companions in coping with stress: How men are impacted by human-animal interaction through calling on a memory of play

    Contributor(s):: Harlinger, Mary, Blazina, Chris, Blazina, Christopher, Kogan, Lori R.

  6. A new understanding of man's best friend: A proposed contextual model for the exploration of human-animal interaction among insecurely attached males

    Contributor(s):: Blazina, Chris, O'Neil, James M., Denke, Robyn, Blazina, Christopher, Kogan, Lori R.

  7. The roles animal companions play in middle-aged males' lives: Examining the psychometric properties of a measure assessing males' human-animal interactions

    Contributor(s):: Blazina, Chris, Bartone, Anne S., Blazina, Christopher, Kogan, Lori R.

  8. Exploring how the human-animal bond affects men in a relational way: Attachment, loss, and gender role conflict in middle-aged and young-men

    Contributor(s):: Bartone, Anne, Blazina, Chris, Blazina, Christopher, Kogan, Lori R.

  9. Zur Bedeutung des Pferdes bei den Ron oder Challa (Plateau-Staat, Nigeria).[On the significance of the horse for the Ron or Challa (Benue-Plateau State, Nigeria).]

    Contributor(s):: Frank, Barbara

  10. The Relationship Between Social Roles and Self-Management Behavior in Women Living with HIV/AIDS

    Contributor(s):: Webel, Allison R., Higgins, Patricia A.

  11. Gender Stereotyping in Young Children: Evidence to Support a Concept-Learning Approach

    Contributor(s):: Cowan, Gloria, Hoffman, Charles D.

  12. Mutual corporeality: Gender and human/horse relationships

    Contributor(s):: Birke, Lynda, Brandt, Keri

  13. The three wishes of latency age children

    Contributor(s):: Ables, Billie

  14. 'My Dog's Just Like Me': Dog Ownership as a Gender Display

    Contributor(s):: Ramirez, Michael