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  1. Current attitudes toward, and incidence of, sterilization of cats and dogs by caregivers (owners) in Auckland, New Zealand

    Contributor(s):: McKay, S. A., Farnworth, M. J., Waran, N. K.

    This study distributed a questionnaire to cat or dog caregivers (owners) throughout Auckland, New Zealand, to investigate the attitudes of human companions toward the sterilization of their cats and dogs and the degree to which this occurs relative to demographic information gathered. A total of...

  2. Some preliminary evidence of the social facilitation of mounting behavior in a juvenile bull Asian elephant ( Elephas maximus )

    Contributor(s):: Rees, P. A.

    This study recorded sexual behaviour within a captive herd of 8 Asian elephants in England, UK, for approximately 230 h on 50 days over a period of 10 months (January-November 1999). A single adult and a single juvenile bull mounting cows more than 160 times were observed. When the juvenile bull...

  3. Immunocastration with Improvac TM reduces aggressive and sexual behaviours in male pigs

    Contributor(s):: Brewster, V., Nevel, A.

  4. Estrous and related behaviour in postpartum Holstein cows

    Contributor(s):: Hurnik, J. F., King, G. J., Robertson, H. A.

    Over a period of 1 yr, 3 consecutive groups, each consisting of 12 postpartum Holstein-Friesian cows aged from 3 to 9 yr, were observed continually for 80 days. The distribution of mounting behaviour showed evidence of circadian rhythm with the highest frequency occurring during the nocturnal...

  5. Effect of the presence of a dominant bull on performance of two age group bulls in libido tests

    Contributor(s):: Lopez, H., Orihuela, A., Silva, E.

    In 2 trials, twelve 15-month-old and ten 27-month-old sexually naive Simmental bulls were libido tested in the presence or absence of a dominant mature bull. In the 1st trial, individual sexual performance tests were conducted. On alternate tests days, a mature bull was present in an adjacent pen...

  6. Sexual performance of twin ram lambs and the effect of number and sex of contemporary siblings

    Contributor(s):: Price, E. O., Bench, C. J., Borgwardt, R. E., Dally, M. R.

    The objectives of this investigation were to determine the degree of correspondence in the sexual performance of twin male sheep and to compare the sexual performance of ram lambs born co-twin to another male (M-M), co-twin to a female (M-F) and as single (S) offspring. Individual ram lambs (n =...

  7. Effect of early fenceline exposure to estrous ewes on the sexual performance of yearling rams

    Contributor(s):: Price, E. O., Borgwardt, R., Dally, M. R.

    A total of 104 rams, 7-8 months of age, were given either no contact (NC), direct contact (DC) or fenceline (FL) exposure to oestrous ewes during a 3-week period in the autumn breeding season. When initially tested for sexual performance at 18-19 months, a higher proportion of NC rams exhibited...

  8. A refinement and validation of the Monash Canine Personality Questionnaire (MCPQ)

    Contributor(s):: Ley, J. M., Bennett, P. C., Coleman, G. J.

    The investigation of canine personality has failed to find strong agreement between studies as to its structure. The area has been hampered by a reliance on human personality models and by a tendency to limit the types of dogs used as subjects. These problems were recently addressed during the...

  9. Yearling rams initially disinterested in estrous ewes subsequently exhibit subnormal sexual performance

    Contributor(s):: Price, E. O., Orihuela, A., Parthasarathy, V., Borgwardt, R., Dally, M. R.

    Individual 30-min sexual performance (serving capacity) tests were administered to 73 Targhee rams at 18-19 months of age. 41 rams (56

  10. Exposure to a recently mated male increases ram sexual performance

    Contributor(s):: Maina, D., Katz, L. S.

    Previous studies reported that the sexual performance of rams did not improve following observation of heterosexual behaviour, which was in contrast to effects on male cattle, goats, pigs and horses. The purpose of this study was to investigate the possibility that exposure to a recently mated...

  11. Selection for contrasting adrenocortical responsiveness in Japanese quail ( Coturnix japonica ) influences sexual behaviour in males

    Contributor(s):: Marin, R. H., Satterlee, D. G.

    Selection of Japanese quail for a reduced (low stress, LS) rather than exaggerated (high stress, HS) adrenocortical response to brief restraint is associated with a non-specific reduction in stress responsiveness, decreased fearfulness, greater sociality, and enhanced male reproductive function,...

  12. A note on the effects of calf stimuli on the response of Zebu cows to Synchro-mate-B

    Contributor(s):: Quesada, Y., Estrada, S., Cubero, M., Garcia, F., Galina, C. S., Molina, R., Orihuela, A.

    The effect of Synchro-mate-B (SMB, ear implant containing 6 mg norgestomet) was measured on the oestrous response and the establishment of cyclicity using different calf stimuli. Multiparous Zebu cows, were divided in three groups. In the first, 32 animals were treated with SMB leaving the calves...

  13. Mating behavior of bucks and does in goat operations under range conditions

    Contributor(s):: Mellado, M., Cardenas, C., Ruiz, F.

    The objectives of this study were to characterize the mating capacity of bucks under range condition and assess the effect of mating frequency on flock fertility. Two adjacent flocks of crossbred goats (Criollo x dairy goat breeds; n = 70 does, 5 bucks and 141 does, 4 bucks) were used. The mating...

  14. Do female broiler breeder fowl display a preference for broiler breeder or laying strain males in a Y-maze test?

    Contributor(s):: Millman, S. T., Duncan, I. J. H.

    In recent years, the commercial broiler breeder industry has reported problems of male aggression towards females. Although this aggression is shown by the males and is apparently a defect in their behaviour, it is also possible that it stems in some way from the females. For example, broiler...

  15. The effect of exposure to oestrous ewes on rams' sexual behaviour, plasma testosterone concentration and ability to stimulate ovulation in seasonally anoestrous ewes

    Contributor(s):: Rosa, H. J. D., Juniper, D. T., Bryant, M. J.

    272 ewes were introduced to (1) rams without recent experience of oestrous ewes, (2) rams recently exposed to oestrous ewes, (3) and (4) oestrous ewes and rams with or without recent experience with oestrous ewes, or (5) remained isolated from rams. Serum testosterone concentration of rams was...

  16. Social order measured in pasture and pen conditions and its relationship to sexual behavior in Brahman ( Bos indicus ) cows

    Contributor(s):: Orihuela, A., Galina, C. S.

    The social order of 20 non-lactating, non-pregnant Brahman cows (2-6 years old) was determined by recording content and outcome of all agonistic interactions. The herd was observed at pasture for 1.5 h and in a yard for 2 h per day. This routine was undertaken every other day from 06.00 to 18.00...

  17. The influence of adverse or gentle handling procedures on sexual behaviour in fearful and confident sows

    Contributor(s):: Pedersen, L. J., Damm, B. I., Kongsted, A. G.

    In the present study, the influence of handling during lactation on fear of humans and on sexual behaviour in the presence and absence of a human was investigated. Prior to handling, the sows were selected as being either fearful (n=24) or confident (n=24) towards humans based on their reactions...

  18. Oestrus and mating behaviour in gilts during boar induced puberty in relation to stress and housing

    Contributor(s):: Pedersen, L. J., Jensen, K. H., Giersing Linder, A.

    The effect of intermittent electroshock and individual vs. pair housing on sexual proceptive behaviour was studied in 48 large White x Danish Landrace gilts. In addition, the effect of intermittent electroshock on the behavioural response to boar stimulation and on sexual receptivity during first...

  19. Male-male competition fails to sexually stimulate domestic rams

    Contributor(s):: Price, E. O., Borgwardt, R. E., Dally, M. R.

    Male domestic sheep are non-territorial and mate in multiple-male mating groups in which males compete for access to females. The following study tests whether rams are sexually stimulated by participation in or observation of male-male competition for oestrous ewes and if so, whether the...

  20. A note on the effect of continuous ram presence on estrus onset, estrus duration and ovulation time in estrus synchronized ewes

    Contributor(s):: Romano, J. E., Fernandez Abella, D., Villegas, N.

    During fall season, 18 multiparous Corriedale ewes were divided into two equal groups for the continuous (CON) and intermittent (INT) presence of a ram. Oestrus was synchronized with fluorgestone acetate intravaginal sponges (Chronogest) that were left 14 days, plus an injection of 200 micro g of...