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  1. Příroda a kultura u malých sibiřských národů

    Contributor(s):: Martina Nováková

    Cílem předkládané práce je jednak v obecné rovině představit téma přírody a kultury v perspektivě sociální a kulturní antropologie a jednak zachytit tuto problematiku v konkrétním prostředí...

  2. Personhood and companionship among Evenki and their reindeer in Eastern Siberia

    Contributor(s):: Evelyn Landerer

    This thesis aims to contribute to our understanding of human-reindeer relations among nomadic hunters and reindeer keepers and is based on a discussion of manifestations of personhood in Siberia. I then relate these to contemporary theories in human-animal relations and argue that in the case of...

  3. Burying Dogs in Ancient Cis-Baikal, Siberia: Temporal Trends and Relationships with Human Diet and Subsistence Practices

    Contributor(s):: Robert L. Losey, Sandra Garvie-Lok, Jennifer A. Leonard, M. Anne Katzenberg, Mietje Germonpre, Tatiana Nomokonova, Mikhail V. Sablin, Olga I. Goriunova, Natalia E. Berdnikova, Nikolai A. Savelev

    The first objective of this study is to examine temporal patterns in ancient dog burials in the Lake Baikal region of Eastern Siberia. The second objective is to determine if the practice of dog burial here can be correlated with patterns in human subsistence practices, in particular a reliance...

  4. 'The last Kulak' and other stories of post-privatisation life in Chukotka's tundra

    Contributor(s):: Gray, Patty A.

  5. Experience, movement and mobility: Komi reindeer herders' perception of the environment

    Contributor(s):: Habeck, Joachim Otto

  6. Hunter-herder continuum in Anabarski district, NW Sakha, Siberia, Russian Federation

    Contributor(s):: Ventsel, Aimar

  7. Is Siberian reindeer herding in crisis? Living with reindeer fifteen years after the end of socialism

    Contributor(s):: Anderson, David G.

  8. Mobility and technology: understanding the vulnerability of two groups of nomadic pastoralists to reindeer losses

    Contributor(s):: Dwyer, Mark James

  9. Not animal, not not-animal: hunting, imitation and empathetic knowledge among the Siberian Yukaghirs

    Contributor(s):: Willerslev, Rane

  10. The social movement of meat in Taimyr, northern Russia

    Contributor(s):: Ziker, John P.

  11. Ul'chi shamans and storytellers: field report, august 1995

    Contributor(s):: Deusen, Kirávan

  12. Climbing bear, spirit-helper: companion petroglyphs at Shalabolino (Siberia) and Shavano Valley (Colorado, USA)

    Contributor(s):: McNeil, Lynda D.

  13. Dogs and reindeer: domestic animals in Siberia

    Contributor(s):: Nakada, Atsushi

  14. Gathering and releasing animals: reindeer herd control activities of the indigenous peoples of the Verkhoyansky region, Siberia

    Contributor(s):: Takakura, Hiroki

  15. Knowledge and representation of reindeer by Chukchi herders

    Contributor(s):: Vaté, Virginie

  16. An imaginary wild horse in the Siberian Arctic

    Contributor(s):: Maj, Emilie

  17. Toward an Anthropology of Action: Andre-Georges Haudricourt And Technical Efficiency

    Contributor(s):: Ferret, Carole

  18. Dog sledging in the Eighteenth Century: North America and Siberia

    Contributor(s):: Handford, Jenny Mai

  19. An institutionalized human-animal relationship and the aftermath: the reproductive process of horse-bands and husbandry in Northern Yakutia, Siberia

    Contributor(s):: Takakura, H.

    Horse breeding is well-known to be one of the traditional means of subsistence for the Sakha (Yakut) of Siberia. Existing research, however, lacks clear descriptions of the reproductive process of the horse-bands and the role which herders play in that process. The objective of this paper is to...

  20. Ordinary and ritual uses of meat in lenisei Basin The example of reindeer and sheep

    Contributor(s):: D'Iatchenko, Vladimir I., David, Francine