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  1. Social interactions in a group of free-ranging sows

    Contributor(s):: Jensen, P., Wood-Gush, D. G. M.

  2. Effects of confinement on social interaction patterns in dry sows

    Contributor(s):: Jensen, P.

    Studies were carried out in 3 different herds, representing 3 different housing systems. In the first system (de-confinement), the animals were housed in groups of 5, with individual feeding stalls, a common dunging area and a common lying box (net floor area, 3.04 msuperscript 2/sow), in the...

  3. Validating techniques to sample behaviour of confined, young pigs

    Contributor(s):: Arnold-Meeks, C., McGlone, J. J.

    In ten 1-hour segments of videotaped behaviour of 20 swine, half of the segments showed the behaviour of recently re-grouped and aggressive pigs and the remaining segments were of the later socially-stable groups. Attack, feeding, drinking, lying, moving and standing were recorded. Time-sampling...

  4. The effects of design of individual stalls on the social behaviour and physiological responses related to the welfare of pregnant pigs

    Contributor(s):: Barnett, J. L., Hemsworth, P. H., Winfield, C. G.

    Plasma free-corticosteroid concentrations, aggressive behaviour and levels of motivation to interact socially and explore a novel environment were observed to test the hypothesis that the chronic stress response previously observed in tether-housed pigs may have been due to unresolved aggression...