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  1. The facilitation of social interactions by domestic dogs

    Contributor(s):: Wells, D. L.

    Research suggests that dogs can facilitate social interactions, which, in turn, may promote psychological health. This study explored the ability of dogs to facilitate social responses relative to other accompaniments and investigated whether the social catalysis effect is genetic or influenced...

  2. Behavioural reactivity affected by chronic stress: an experimental approach in calves submitted to environmental instability

    Contributor(s):: Boissy, A., Veissier, I., Roussel, S.

  3. Survival and adaptation of a released group of confiscated capuchin monkeys

    Contributor(s):: Suarez, C. E., Gamboa, E. M., Claver, P., Nassar-Montoya, F.

    One commonly used method of managing confiscated wild primates in Latin American countries is to release rehabilitated individuals back to their natural habitats. However, little information has been collected from confiscated animal releases, so no clear guidelines have been developed to measure...

  4. Characterization of human-dog social interaction using owner report

    Contributor(s):: Lit, L., Schweitzer, J. B., Oberbauer, A. M.

  5. Non-human primate behavior

    Contributor(s):: Calle, P. P.