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  1. Deer and identity in medieval Ireland

    Contributor(s):: Fiona Beglane

    The concept that identity is inextricably linked with places, landscapes and objects has become familiar in archaeology (Thomas 1998, 80, 90; Bradley 2000, 155-61; O'Keeffe 2001). It is only recently however that this idea has been extended to animals and their interaction with human society...

  2. Social and racial psychology

    Contributor(s):: Hunter, Walter S.

  3. Social and racial psychology

    Contributor(s):: Hunter, Walter S.

  4. Always-on/always-on-you: The tethered self

    Contributor(s):: Turkle, Sherry

  5. Animals as scientific objects

  6. The foundation of society

    Contributor(s):: Windsor, William, Windsor, Russel Haigh

  7. At-One-Ment

    Contributor(s):: Ackerman, Diane

  8. Dolphin lessons

    Contributor(s):: Calvez, Leigh

  9. Swimming with dolphins in New Zealand

    Contributor(s):: Constantine, Rochelle, Yin, Suzanne

  10. At home with the dolphins

    Contributor(s):: Bearzi, Giovanni

  11. Dolphin healing from afar

    Contributor(s):: Dobbs, Horace

  12. Letting dolphins speak: are we listening?

    Contributor(s):: Dudzinski, Kathleen

  13. Troubling tursiops: living in harmony with kindred spirits

    Contributor(s):: Bekoff, Marc

  14. With a little help from my friends

    Contributor(s):: Englehart, Cathy

  15. The kindred wild

    Contributor(s):: Frohoff, Toni

  16. Interacting with captive dolphins

    Contributor(s):: Frohoff, Toni

  17. Interacting with dolphins in the wild: science, policy, and guidelines

    Contributor(s):: Frohoff, Toni

  18. Introduction

    Contributor(s):: Frohoff, Toni, Peterson, Brenda

  19. Springer's homecoming

    Contributor(s):: Garrett, Howard

  20. Miracle dolphin

    Contributor(s):: Goffman, Oz