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  1. Household pets and urban alienation

    Contributor(s):: Phineas, Charles

  2. An animal is not a human. Or is it?

    Contributor(s):: McBride, Anne

  3. Creating a good death: How vets put our pets to sleep

    Contributor(s):: Burrow, Robin

  4. Broadening our veterinary clientele

    Contributor(s):: Karg, M.

  5. Human-animal interactions conference comes to U.S. AVMA convention is first U.S. venue; new award conferred

    Contributor(s):: Kahler, S. C., Nolen, R. S.

  6. ISFM guidelines on population management and welfare of unowned domestic cats (Felis catus)

    Contributor(s):: Sparkes, A. H., Bessant, C., Cope, K., Ellis, S. L., Finka, L., Halls, V., Hiestand, K., Horsford, K., Laurence, C., MacFarlaine, I., Neville, P. F., Stavisky, J., Yeates, J., Isfm,

  7. Keeping exotic pets

    Contributor(s):: Scott, P.

  8. Keeping exotic pets

    Contributor(s):: Toland, E.

  9. Animal Legal and Historical Center

    In August 2012, the Animal Legal & Historical Center celebrated its 10th anniversary. Over the years, with the help of many individuals, we've added thousands of files that are accessed across the globe. We believe this site is the largest legal website devoted to animal issues in the...

  10. Blending native American spirituality with individual psychology in work with children

    | Contributor(s):: Hunter, Darline, Sawyer, Cheryl

  11. The AVMA, the human-animal bond, and the one health movement

    | Contributor(s):: McCulloch, W. F.

  12. Pragmatism and Primates

    | Contributor(s):: McKenna, Erin

  13. Treatment of unowned animals

    | Contributor(s):: Spellman, P.

  14. AAFP and ISFM feline-friendly nursing care guidelines

    | Contributor(s):: Carney, H. C., Little, S., Brownlee-Tomasso, D., Harvey, A. M., Mattox, E., Robertson, S., Rucinsky, R., Manley, D. S., American Association of Feline, Practitioners, International Society of Feline, Medicine

  15. Results of the 2006 AVMA survey of companion animal ownership in US pet-owning households

    | Contributor(s):: Shepherd, A. J.

  16. Results of the AVMA survey of US pet-owning households on companion animal ownership

    | Contributor(s):: Gehrke, C.

  17. Results of the AVMA survey on companion animal ownership in US pet-owning households. American Veterinary Medical Association

    | Contributor(s):: Wise, J. K., Heathcott, B. L., Gonzalez, M. L.

  18. Dog

    | Contributor(s):: Wasserman, Alon

  19. Farm animal welfare: a new repertoire of nature-society relations or modernism re-embedded? (Special issue: Nature-Society-Rurality)

    | Contributor(s):: Buller, H., Morris, C.

    Within society, farm animal welfare is moving up the policy and moral agenda as many of the industrial processes associated with animal farming are now being called into question. In the academe, there is growing intellectual interest in the relationship of humanity to animality and the porosity...

  20. An institutionalized human-animal relationship and the aftermath: the reproductive process of horse-bands and husbandry in Northern Yakutia, Siberia

    | Contributor(s):: Takakura, H.

    Horse breeding is well-known to be one of the traditional means of subsistence for the Sakha (Yakut) of Siberia. Existing research, however, lacks clear descriptions of the reproductive process of the horse-bands and the role which herders play in that process. The objective of this paper is to...