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  1. "Zwartje", "Flight of Delight" and "Chikai": Borrowed Names for Animals in Sweden

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s):: Katharina Leibring

    This paper deals, from a Swedish point of view, with names for domestic animals that have been borrowed from other language areas and other cultures during the last two or three centuries. There are several different reasons for animals having or being given foreign names. These include...

  2. Species Diversity and Distribution of Fish in Lake Nicaragua

    Contributor(s):: Kurt W. Koenig, Richard J. Beatty, Sergio Martinez C.

    The results of a preliminary study of the abundance, diversity and distribution of some of the fish species in Lake Nicaragua are presented here. These parameters have received little attention from investigators working on the lake.A frequently used measure of species diversity is the...

  3. Conspecific recognition in the chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes): Cardiac responses to significant others

    Contributor(s):: Boysen, Sarah T., Berntson, Gary G.

  4. Visual preference for closely related species by Sulawesi macaques

    Contributor(s):: Fujita, Kazuo, Watanabe, Kunio