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  1. Tools of the trade or part of the family? Horses in competitive equestrian sport

    Contributor(s):: Dashper, K.

    The horse-human relationship is based on mutual respect and understanding, and the development of trusting partnerships may be particularly important in elite equestrian sport, where horses and humans rely on each other to tackle sporting challenges. The increasing commercialization of equestrian...

  2. Therapeutic horseback riding outcomes of parent-identified goals for children with autism spectrum disorder: an ABA' multiple case design examining dosing and generalization to the home and community

    Contributor(s):: Holm, M. B., Baird, J. M., Kim, Y. J., Rajora, K. B., D'Silva, D., Podolinsky, L., Mazefsky, C., Minshew, N.

  3. Going to the Dogs

    Contributor(s):: Huggins, Mike

  4. The Rationalisation of Rural Sport: British Sheepdog Trials, 1873–1946

    Contributor(s):: Albion M, Urdank

  5. Horse Play in the Canadian West: The Emergence of the Calgary Stampede as Contested Terrain

    Contributor(s):: Gerber, B., Young, K.

    As one example of how modern Western societies are increasingly obliged to reconcile questions of civility and justice against common, indeed revered, practices that compromise nonhuman animals, this paper examines the recent history of public debate regarding the use of animals for public...

  6. Reconstructing Dead Nonhuman Animals: Motivations for Becoming a Taxidermist

    Contributor(s):: Eliason, S. L.

    Displays of dead nonhuman animals are a common sight on the walls of many American homes and commercial establishments. Taxidermists are the individuals who preserve and attempt to re-create dead animals, birds, and fish so they can be displayed. Little is known about those employed in the...

  7. The argument from existence, blood-sports, and 'sport-slaves'

    Contributor(s):: Humphreys, R.

    The argument from existence is often used as an attempted justification for our use of animals in commercial practices, and is often put forward by lay-persons and philosophers alike. This paper provides an analysis of the argument from existence primarily within the context of blood-sports...

  8. Preliminary study of rider back biomechanics

    Contributor(s):: Biau, S., Gilbert, C. H., Gouz, J., Roquet, C. H., Fabis, J., Leporcq, B.

  9. Effects of the level of experience of horses and their riders on cortisol release, heart rate and heart-rate variability during a jumping course

    Contributor(s):: Ille, N., Lewinski, M. von, Erber, R., Wulf, M., Aurich, J., Mostl, E., Aurich, C.

  10. Equestrian rehabilitation. "The benefits of approach with the horse in schools and in therapeutic&quot

    Contributor(s):: Perrotta, F.

  11. Physical activity in three regional communities in Queensland

    Contributor(s):: Brown, W. J., Burton, N. W., Sahlqvist, S., Heesch, K. C., McCarthy, K. B., Ng, N., Uffelen, J. G. van

  12. Pet Parenting

    Contributor(s):: Karlsberg, Elizabeth

  13. Self-schemas, goal orientations, sport confidence and mindfulness in amateur equestrians

    Contributor(s):: Diaz, Teresa Renee

  14. Vagen till vinnarcirkeln: Travhasten och dess manniskor mellan sport och spel

    Contributor(s):: Berglund, Sara Cherstina

  15. Saddle up!

    Contributor(s):: Stewart, Nina

  16. A comparison of the Monty Roberts technique with a conventional UK technique for initial training of riding horses

    Contributor(s):: Fowler, V., Kennedy, M., Marlin, D.

  17. Equine facilitated therapy

    Contributor(s):: Hoover, T. S., Nolt, B. H., Davidson, C. J.

  18. The horse, the handicapped, and the riding team in a therapeutic riding program : a training manual for volunteers

    Contributor(s):: Engel, Barbara Teichmann, Galloway, Margaret L., Bull, Mary P.

  19. [Impact of therapeutic riding on gait and posture regulation]

    Contributor(s):: Schwesig, R., Neumann, S., Richter, D., Kauert, R., Becker, S., Esperer, H. D., Leuchte, S.

  20. [Specific riding styles are associated with specific effects on bodily posture control]

    Contributor(s):: Schwesig, R., Sannemuller, K., Kolditz, R., Hottenrott, K., Becker, S., Esperer, H. D.