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  1. A novel protocol to measure startle magnitude in sheep

    Contributor(s):: Salvin, Hannah, Cafe, Linda, Lees, Angela, Morris, Stephen, Lee, Caroline

    Temperament is a trait of interest as it impacts ease of handling, production and reactivity to stressful situations. Excessive behavioural reactivity, as an aspect of temperament, may lead to reduced welfare and stockperson safety. Current tests of behavioural reactivity involve isolating the...

  2. Effect of enrichment on the behaviour and growth of juvenile Xenopus laevis

    Contributor(s):: Archard, Gabrielle A.

    Xenopus laevis is the most widely used model amphibian species in laboratories, yet there is almost no experimental evidence to guide best practice for captive housing. Enrichment is an important component of maintenance and welfare. A split-sibship experimental design was used to rear juvenile...

  3. Behavioural, endocrine and cardiac autonomic responses to a model of startle in horses

    Contributor(s):: Villas-Boas, Julia Dias, Dias, Daniel Penteado Martins, Trigo, Pablo Ignacio, Almeida, Norma Aparecida dos Santos, Almeida, Fernando Queiroz de, Medeiros, Magda Alves de

    Startle is a fast response elicited by sudden acoustic, tactile or visual stimuli in a variety of animal species and in humans. The magnitude of startle response can be modulated by external and internal variables and can be a useful tool to study the sensory-motor integration in animals....

  4. Enhancement of the acoustic startle reflex by an alarm pheromone in male rats

    Contributor(s):: Inagaki, Hideaki, Kiyokawa, Yasushi, Kikusui, Takefumi, Takeuchi, Yukari, Mori, Yuji

  5. The volatility of an alarm pheromone in male rats

    Contributor(s):: Inagaki, Hideaki, Nakamura, Kayo, Kiyokawa, Yasushi, Kikusui, Takefumi, Takeuchi, Yukari, Mori, Yuji

  6. Cross-fostering effects on weight, exploratory activity, acoustic startle reflex and corticosterone stress response in Norway gray rats selected for elimination and for enhancement of aggressiveness towards human

    Contributor(s):: Plyusnina, Irina Z., Oskina, Irina N., Tibeikina, Marina A., Popova, Nina K., Phillips, Tamara

  7. Temperament in preweanling horses: Development of reactions to humans and novelty, and startle responses

    Contributor(s):: Lansade, L., Bouissou, M. F., Boivin, X.