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  1. Positive perception of human stroking by lambs: Qualitative behaviour assessment confirms previous interpretation of quantitative data

    Contributor(s):: Serrapica, Maria, Boivin, Xavier, Coulon, Marjorie, Braghieri, Ada, Napolitano, Fabio

    Qualitative behaviour assessment (QBA) was used to validate previous published interpretation whether human stroking has beneficial effects on lambs prematurely separated from their mothers. For a period of 8 weeks a familiar human (FH) subjected 22 Romane lambs to a gentling treatment based on...

  2. Gentle interactions decrease the fear of humans in dairy heifers independently of early experience of stroking

    Contributor(s):: Lürzel, Stephanie, Windschnurer, Ines, Futschik, Andreas, Waiblinger, Susanne

    The relationship of farmed animals with humans has important implications for animal welfare and productivity. To investigate the short- and long-term effect of gentle interactions (stroking, talking in a gentle voice) during different life stages on the fear of humans, we tested heifers that had...

  3. Do Lambs Perceive Regular Human Stroking as Pleasant? Behavior and Heart Rate Variability Analyses

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Marjorie Coulon, Raymond Nowak, Julie Peyrat, Herve Chandeze, Alain Boissy, Xavier Boivin

    Stroking by humans is beneficial to the human-animal relationship and improves welfare in many species that express intraspecific allogrooming, but very few studies have looked at species like sheep that do not express such contact except around parturition. This study investigated the way...