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  1. Arctic Disequilibrium: Shifting Human-Environmental Systems

    Contributor(s):: Veldhuis, Djuke, Pelle, Tejsner, Riede, Felix, Høye, Toke T., Willerslev, Rane

  2. Burying Dogs in Ancient Cis-Baikal, Siberia: Temporal Trends and Relationships with Human Diet and Subsistence Practices

    Contributor(s):: Robert L. Losey, Sandra Garvie-Lok, Jennifer A. Leonard, M. Anne Katzenberg, Mietje Germonpre, Tatiana Nomokonova, Mikhail V. Sablin, Olga I. Goriunova, Natalia E. Berdnikova, Nikolai A. Savelev

    The first objective of this study is to examine temporal patterns in ancient dog burials in the Lake Baikal region of Eastern Siberia. The second objective is to determine if the practice of dog burial here can be correlated with patterns in human subsistence practices, in particular a reliance...

  3. A preliminary study on the role of plants and animals at Badigaon agicultural community :an ethno-bio-archaeological perspective

    Contributor(s):: Hoque, Seema

  4. Domesticated landscapes : the subsistence ecology of plant and animal domestication

    Contributor(s):: Terrell, John Edward

  5. Evaluating protein residues on Gainey phase Paleoindian stone tools

    Contributor(s):: Seeman, Mark F.

  6. Reindeer herding in transition: historical and modern day challenges for Alaskan reindeer herders

    Contributor(s):: Finstad, Greg L.

  7. Tasteless profits and vexed moralities : assessments of the present in rural Rajasthan

    Contributor(s):: Gold, Ann Grodzins

  8. Animal subsistence in the chalcolithic culture of western India (with special reference to Balathal)

    Contributor(s):: Thomas, P. K.

  9. Birds and people on Ontong Java Atoll, 1906-2008: continuity and change

    Contributor(s):: Bayliss, Smith, Christensen, Egelund

  10. Dogs and reindeer: domestic animals in Siberia

    Contributor(s):: Nakada, Atsushi

  11. The value of a polar bear : evaluating the role of a multiple-use resource in the Nunavut mixed economy

    Contributor(s):: Dowsley, Martha

  12. Exploitation of domestic animals in Neolithic Central Europe

    Contributor(s):: Bogucki, Peter, Crabtree, P. J., Campana, D. V., Ryan, Kathleen

  13. Prehistoric wild sheep and sheep domestication on the eastern margin of the Middle East

    Contributor(s):: Meadow, Richard H., Crabtree, P. J., Campana, D. V., Ryan, Kathleen

  14. A Delicate People and Their Dogs

    Contributor(s):: Sider, Gerald M.

  15. Effects of economic downturns on mortality of wild African elephants

    Contributor(s):: Wittemyer, G.

    Declines in economic activity and associated changes in human livelihood strategies can increase threats of species overexploitation. This is exemplified by the effects of economic crises, which often drive intensification of subsistence poaching and greater reliance on natural resources. Whereas...