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  1. Vulnerability, Transcendence, and the Body: Exploring the Human Nonhuman Animal Divide within Jainism

    Contributor(s):: Vallely, A.

  2. Assessing the emotions of laboratory rats

    Contributor(s):: Makowska, I. Joanna, Weary, Daniel M.

    Rats are one of the most commonly used species in research, and decades of testing have yielded a large amount of information pertaining to their experience of emotion. The aim of this review is to bring together information on rat emotion from across a number of disciplines and over several...

  3. Toward a New Framework for Understanding Human–Wild Animal Relations: PROD

    Contributor(s):: Waldhorn, Daniela R.

  4. Comparing Suffering Across Species

    Contributor(s):: Nolt, John

  5. Beyond Suffering: Commentary on "What (If Anything) Do We Owe Wild Animals" by Clare Palmer

    Contributor(s):: Burghardt, Gordon M.

  6. Negotiating the Anthropological Limit: Derrida, Stiegler, and the Question of the "Animal"

    Contributor(s):: Van Camp, Nathan

  7. A Utilitarian Argument for Vegetarianism

    Contributor(s):: Dixon, Nicholas

  8. Is Animal Pain Conscious?

    Contributor(s):: Lynch, Joseph J.

  9. Paradigm Shifts, Scientific Revolutions and the Moral Justification of Experimentation on Nonhuman Animals

    Contributor(s):: Boss, Judith A., Boss, Alyssa V.

  10. Time as Asymmetrical and Animal Rights: An Autobiography

    Contributor(s):: Dombrowski, Daniel A.

  11. The subtleties of speciesism

    Contributor(s):: Wynne-Tyson, Jon

  12. Arguing away suffering: The neo-Cartesian revival

    Contributor(s):: Pluhar, Evelyn B.

  13. Reply to Harrison's "The Neo-Cartesian Revival: A Response"

    Contributor(s):: Pluhar, Evelyn B.

  14. Ahimsa (Noninjury) Revisited

    Contributor(s):: Fox, Michael W.

  15. Reincarnation, Self-Realization, and Animal Protection

    Contributor(s):: Fox, Michael W.

  16. Do Animals Have Souls?

    Contributor(s):: Kaplan, Helmut F.

  17. Loss of a therapy animal: Assessment and healing

    Contributor(s):: Cohen, Susan P., Fine, Aubrey H.

  18. Riding home: The power of horses to heal

    Contributor(s):: Hayes, Tim

  19. Animal-assisted intervention in dementia care home residents

    Contributor(s):: Wesenberg, Sandra, Werner, Jillian, Beckmann, Antje, Gerner, A., Nestmann, Frank, Holthoff, Vjera

  20. A Report on Animal Overpopulation: Breeding Surplus Dogs and Cats Causes Suffering

    Contributor(s):: The Humane Society Of The United States

    Overbreeding has created a surplus of nearly 50 million dogs and cats. These animals are unwanted and homeless. Some of them--the lucky ones--will get a quick, merciful death at humane society shelters. Most, however, haven't even the hope of being reached and protected from suffering in the...