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  1. Four-year incidence of allergic sensitization among schoolchildren in a community where allergy to cat and dog dominates sensitization: report from the Obstructive Lung Disease in Northern Sweden Study Group

    Contributor(s):: Ronmark, E., Perzanowski, M., Platts-Mills, T., Lundback, B.

  2. Aspects of health, physical/leisure activities, work and socio-demographics associated with pet ownership in Sweden

    Contributor(s):: Müllersdorf, Maria, Granström, Fredrik, Sahlqvist, Lotta, Tillgren, Per

  3. Oncology and ethics

    Contributor(s):: Rollin, B. E.

  4. Varying views of life among people with long-term mental illness

    Contributor(s):: Erdner, A., Andersson, L., Magnusson, A., Lutzen, K.

  5. Ethics of sustainable development - a study of Swedish regulations for genetically modified organisms

    Contributor(s):: Karlsson, M.

    In spite of stricter provisions in the new EU directive on deliberate release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), critics still advocate a moratorium on permits for cultivation of GMOs. However, in an attempt to meet concerns raised by the public, the directive explicitly gives Member...

  6. Natural activity: An explorative study of the interplay between cage-birds and older people in a Swedish hospital setting

    Contributor(s):: Falk, Hanna, Wijk, Helle

  7. Natural behavior, animal rights, or making money - a study of Swedish organic farmers' view of animal issues

    Contributor(s):: Lund, V., Hemlin, S., White, J.

    A questionnaire survey was performed among Swedish organic livestock farmers to determine their view of animal welfare and other ethical issues in animal production. The questionnaire was sent to 56.5% of the target group and the response rate was 75.6% (435 responses). A principal components...

  8. Sustainable development and Norwegian genetic engineering regulations: applications, impacts, and challenges

    Contributor(s):: Myhr, A. I., Traavik, T.

    The main purpose of The Norwegian Gene Technology Act (1993) is to enforce containment of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and control of GMO releases. Furthermore, the Act intends to ensure that "production and use of GMOs should take place in an ethically and socially justifiable way, in...

  9. Value pluralism and coherentist justification of ethical advice. (Special Issue: Ethical tools.)

    Contributor(s):: Forsberg, E. M.

    Liberal societies are characterized in terms of a fundamental value pluralism, i.e., respect for individuals' rights to live by their own concept of what is good. Still, the state must make decisions that give privilege to some values at the expense of others. When public ethics committees give...

  10. Effects of milking frequency on lying down and getting up behaviour in dairy cows

    Contributor(s):: Osterman, S., Redbo, I.

    The objective of this study was to investigate if cows milked twice per day have more difficulty lying down and getting up and spend less time lying than cows milked three times per day. Seventeen cows of the Swedish Red and White Cattle Breed were studied, seven of which were milked twice daily...

  11. Intersucking in dairy cattle - review and questionnaire. (Special Issue: Behaviour and welfare of cattle)

    Contributor(s):: Lidfors, L., Isberg, L.

    Intersucking is an abnormal behaviour in dairy heifers and cows, and it is defined by one animal sucking the teat of another animal with the intention of sucking milk. The aim of this paper is to review earlier studies on intersucking in dairy cattle and to present results from a questionnaire...

  12. Personality traits in the domestic dog ( Canis familiaris )

    Contributor(s):: Svartberg, K., Forkman, B.

    The domestic dog (C. familiaris) has been subjected to a huge range of selection pressures during domestication that has resulted in a considerable diversity in morphology and behaviour. This, together with the many uses the dog is put to in our society, makes the dog an interesting model for...

  13. Shyness-boldness predicts performance in working dogs

    Contributor(s):: Svartberg, K.

    This study investigates if there are relationships between personality and performance of dogs (Canis familiaris) in working dog trials. Data from 2655 dogs of the two breeds German Shepherd dog (GSD) and Belgian Tervuren (BT) in Sweden obtained between 1989 and 1997 were used. The breeds were...

  14. The use of a behaviour test for selection of dogs for service and breeding. II. Heritability for tested parameters and effect of selection based on service dog characteristics

    Contributor(s):: Wilsson, E., Sundgren, P. E.

    1002 German shepherds and 467 Labrador retrievers, bred by the Swedish Dog Training Centre (SDTC) during 1983-91, and 308 German shepherds and 330 Labrador retrievers, from private breeders, were subjectively scored on behavioural traits. The score for each trait were pooled to give an index...

  15. Behaviour in female mink housed in enriched standard cages during winter

    Contributor(s):: Axelsson, H. M. K., Alden, E., Lidfors, L.

    This study evaluated whether adding environmental enrichments to a standard housing system during winter could decrease stereotypic behaviours in female mink. The study was conducted on two private farms (F1 and F2) in southern Sweden. In total, 75 farmed mink on each farm were housed in standard...

  16. Effect of cat and dog ownership on sensitization and development of asthma among preteenage children

    Contributor(s):: Perzanowski, M. S., Ronmark, E., Platts-Mills, T. A. E., Lundback, B.

    An inverse relationship has been proposed between exposure to high quantities of cat allergen at home and both asthma and cat allergy. First- and second-grade children from Lulea, Kiruna, and Pitea, Sweden participated in an asthma questionnaire study (n=3,431) and incidence was evaluated over...

  17. Pet-keeping in early childhood and airway, nose and skin symptoms later in life

    Contributor(s):: Bornehag, C. G., Sundell, J., Hagerhed, L., Janson, S.

    Background: It is discussed whether exposure to pets during childhood is a risk or a protective factor for sensitization and allergic symptoms. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between pet-keeping at time of birth and allergic symptoms in airways, nose and skin among young...

  18. Farmers' relationship with different animals: the importance of getting close to the animals - case studies of French, Swedish and Dutch cattle, pig and poultry farmers. (Special issue: Competing discourses of farm animal welfare and agri-food restru

    Contributor(s):: Bock, B. B., Huik, M. M. van, Prutzer, M., Eveillard, F. K., Dockes, A.

    This article seeks to provide a deeper understanding of the factors that influence farmers' relations with animals and focuses on the relevance of sector (e.g. beef or dairy cattle), animal species, housing systems and any national differences. It seeks to draw out how the relationship between...

  19. Pesticides, valuations and politics

    Contributor(s):: Pettersson, O.

    Some aspects are discussed of the Swedish policy to reduce pesticide use by 50

  20. Papers presented at the Summer Meeting of the Society for Veterinary Ethology held in Skara, Sweden, 1st-3rd June, 1978

    Veeckman, J. Aberrant sexual behaviour of a covering stallion and its ethological solution : 292.