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  1. Teachers' experiences with humane education and animals in the elementary classroom: Implications for empathy development

    Contributor(s):: Daly, Beth, Suggs, Suzanne

    An increasing amount of research has emerged in recent years regarding the benefits that household pets have for individuals, much of which focuses on child-pet relationships. A number of studies have explored the role of pets in elementary classroom settings and what advantages their presence...

  2. An investigation of the effects of a facility dog on student learning and the learning environment

    Contributor(s):: Bradley, Jordana

  3. The efficacy of therapeutic horticulture and animal-assisted therapy to promote prosocial behavior in foster youth

    Contributor(s):: Suprise, Katrina L.

  4. The terrain of the Self and the Other: A phenomenological study of animals as cartographic teachers and healers

    Contributor(s):: Goulden, Debra Lynn

  5. Literacy Learning Goes to the Dogs

    Contributor(s):: Friesen, Lori

  6. Man's Best Friend as A Reading Facilitator

    Contributor(s):: Shaw, Donita Massengill

  7. Goodbye Critter Jitters

    Contributor(s):: Eidietis, Laura, Gray, Stacey, Riggs, Leela, West, Bridgette, Coffman, Margaret

  8. Humane Education: A Curriculum Approach

    Contributor(s):: Pearce, Robert W.

  9. Methods and Strategies: Teaching about Animals

    Contributor(s):: Palmeri, Amy

  10. Profound Encounters: Classroom Animals--More Than Responsible Pet Care

    Contributor(s):: Naherniak, Craig

  11. Shifting Paradigms: A New Look at Animals in Classrooms

    Contributor(s):: Huddart, Stephen, Naherniak, Craig

  12. The Passing of Muffin: A Classroom Pet Dies

    Contributor(s):: Vollmer, Joseph

  13. The Relationship of Elementary Teachers' Apprehension Toward Animals and Their Positions on Environmental Issues

    Contributor(s):: Perkes, A. Cordell

  14. What Did You Do with Sophie, Teacher?

    Contributor(s):: MacIsaac, Pat, King, Susan

  15. Akron Pupils Engage In Varied Activities

  16. Dear Simba is Dead Forever

    Contributor(s):: Sandstrom, Susan

  17. Students' Ideas About Animals: Results from a National Study

    Contributor(s):: Barman, Charles R., Barman, Natalie S., Cox, Mary Lou, Newhouse, Kay Bergiund, Goldston, M. Jenice

  18. What do young children dream about?

    Contributor(s):: Honig, Alice Sterling, Nealis, Arlene L.

  19. Pet PEP: independent evaluation endorses landmark school education program

  20. The future of teaching and research in companion animal biology in departments of animal sciences

    Contributor(s):: McNamara, J. P.