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  1. Nov 02 2017

    Aspects and Answers: Best Practices in Partnering with Dogs for Children on the Autism Spectrum

    WHATIncreasingly families with children on the autism spectrum, school officials and clinicians are excited by the benefits dogs promise for neuro-atypical children. What can dogs offer and what...


  2. Oct 07 2017

    2nd Annual Therapy Animal Expo

    For anyone interested in learning about volunteering with your pet, those who are already registered therapy animal teams, and facilities who have or want to start a therapy animal program......


  3. Sep 08 2017

    Professionalizing the Passion - Pet Partners Conference 2017

    Join us for two full days of presentations on topics spanning current research and best practices, as well as opportunities to network with others committed to the highest professional standards in...


  4. Aug 10 2017

    Animal Assisted Interventions: Creating a competent, compassionate, and cross-disciplinary future

    Learn hands-on, practical applications of animal assisted interventions (AAIs) as well as how AAIs have helped a variety of populations from experts in the field. Current or interested...


  5. May 17 2017

    Animal Assistance Intervention International (AAII) Working Meeting/Symposium

    The Board of AAII would like to invite members to take part in a Working Meeting/Symposium in Vienna on 17th and 18th May 2017.The focus of the Working Meeting/Symposium will be on bringing a group...


  6. Apr 05 2017

    Animal-Assisted Interventions: An Incredible Range of Therapeutic Benefits

    This informative and interactive seminar provides an array of animal-assisted interventions and clinical techniques that will greatly improve your client outcomes in a broad range of areas,...


  7. Apr 19 2016

    The Healing Power of Pets: Fact, Fiction or Somewhere In Between?

    As part of the Animal Matters Seminar Series, the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine will hold two seminars to discuss pets and animal-related issues.Hal Herzog will present “The...


  8. Apr 14 2016

    Animal Assisted Play Therapy Workshop

    This training is designed for child, adult,  and family therapists who wish to train and work with therapy animals to enhance their play therapy and other clinical work.The workshop provides...


  9. Mar 30 2016

    EAGALA 17th Annual Conference

    We look forward to seeing you at the 17th Annual EAGALA Conference in Lexington, Kentucky, March 30-April 1, 2016! The conference takes place at the beautiful Lexington Convention Center attached...


  10. Feb 24 2016

    Animal-Assisted Interventions: An Incredible Range of Therapeutic Benefits Seminar

    This informative and interactive seminar provides an array of animal-assisted interventions and clinical techniques that will greatly improve your client outcomes in a broad range of areas,...


  11. Oct 05 2015

    2015 International Courthouse Dogs Conference

    At the 3rd Annual International Courthouse Dogs Conference, learn about exciting, thought-provoking topics:How children from different cultures react to dogsThe latest strides Canada has made...


  12. Sep 26 2015

    The Human-Animal Bond Symposium and Recognition Ceremony

    The VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine's Center for Animal Human Relationships (CENTAUR) presents a one-day symposium, The Human-Animal Experience: Exploring the Bond. Experts from...


  13. Jun 05 2015

    Service Dog Education and Awareness Conference

    On June 5, and 6, 2015 Operation Fetch will hold a workshop for first responders, mental health professionals. community leaders, business owners, community advocates and educators. The purpose of...


  14. May 22 2015

    Animal-Assisted Therapy Workshop

    The aim of this workshop is to educate professionals who are implementing or participating in the AAT activities (therapists (occupational, physical, speech and language, behavioral) social...


  15. Apr 17 2015

    The Animal/Human Connection: Clarifying the Roles of Service, Emotional Support, and Therapy Animals

    For millennia, humans have had complex relationships with animals. They have served humans as a source of food, tools, clothing, and scientific research; they have provided labor, transportation,...


  16. Feb 12 2015

    Not Just Warm and Fuzzy: The Proven Value of Including Animals in Therapeutic Regimen

    The Feb. 12 seminar will be presented by Kathy Klotz from Intermountain Therapy Animals.The differences between service/assistance animals and therapy animals will be discussed in the seminars....


  17. Feb 05 2015

    Assistance Dogs-They Are Not All Seeing Eye Dogs

    The Feb. 5 seminar will be presented by Linda Weiskopf from Canine Companions for Independence.The differences between service/assistance animals and therapy animals will be discussed in the...


  18. Dec 12 2014

    Evening of Animals as Therapy

    The event will be held in honor of The Nexus School, which is devoted to educating children within the autism spectrum. From 5 to 7pm the public can meet patient and loving “four-leggeds” who make...


  19. Aug 20 2014

    Getting the Most Out of "Pet Therapy" (Animal-Assisted Therapy) Webinar

    The Webinar: Getting the Most Out of "Pet Therapy" (Animal-Assisted Therapy) will be held live on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 6-8PM EST. Lisa M. Freeman (DVM, PhD, DACVN) a professor in the...


  20. May 04 2012

    SHARRE (Society for Human-Animal Relationship Research & Education) Conference 2012

    Event title: Mon chiens (...) ce héros ! / My dog (...) what a hero!Venue: Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, Auditoire Marcel Jenny, Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil, Geneva, SwitzerlandTime and Date:...