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  1. Changing protocols surrounding euthanasia

    Contributor(s):: Tait, J.

  2. Classification of domestic cat (Felis catus) vocalizations by naive and experienced human listeners

    Contributor(s):: Nicastro, N., Owren, M. J.

  3. Comparison of temporospatial and kinetic variables of walking in small and large dogs on a pressure-sensing walkway

    Contributor(s):: Kim, J., Kazmierczak, K. A., Breur, G. J.

  4. Complementary horse-assisted therapy for substance use disorders: a randomized controlled trial

    Contributor(s):: Gatti, Francesca, Walderhaug, Espen, Kern-Godal, Ann, Lysell, Jeanette, Arnevik, Espen Ajo

  5. Contact with livestock--a protective effect against allergies and asthma?

    Contributor(s):: Dimich-Ward, H., Chow, Y., Chung, J., Trask, C.

  6. Day-time time budgets of pregnant mares housed in tie stalls: a comparison of draft versus light mares

    Contributor(s):: Flannigan, G., Stookey, J. M.

    Day-time (08.30-05.30 h) time budgets were generated from 55 light and 55 draft late pregnancy mares housed in tie stalls from 10 pregnant mares' urine (PMU) farms using continuous video recording. Equal numbers of light and draft mares were filmed on each farm during the months of February and...

  7. Detection of temporal patterns in dog-human interaction

    Contributor(s):: Kerepesi, A., Jonsson, G. K., Miklósi, Á, Topál, J., Csányi, V., Magnusson, M. S.

  8. Development of an ethogram for hutch-housed dairy calves and determination of factors influencing their behaviour

    Contributor(s):: Ugwu, Nnenna, Love, Emma, Murrell, Jo, Whay, Helen R., Knowles, Toby, Hockenhull, Jo

  9. Discrimination between shepherds by lambs reared under artificial conditions

    Contributor(s):: Boivin, X., Nowak, R., Despres, G., Tournadre, H., Le Neindre, P.

  10. Dog assisted interventions in a specialized centre and potential concerns for animal welfare

    Contributor(s):: Marinelli, L., Normando, S., Siliprandi, C., Salvadoretti, M., Mongillo, P.

  11. Dog walking and physical activity in the United States

    Contributor(s):: Ham, S. A., Epping, J.

  12. Early, current and past pet ownership: associations with sensitization, bronchial responsiveness and allergic symptoms in school children

    Contributor(s):: Anyo, G., Brunekreef, B., de Meer, G., Aarts, F., Janssen, N. A., van Vliet, P.

  13. Effect of Capacity for Care on cat admission trends at the Guelph Humane Society, 2011–2015

    Contributor(s):: Janke, Natasha, Berke, Olaf, Klement, Eyal, Flockhart, D. T. Tyler, Coe, Jason, Bateman, Shane

    In recent years, there has been a growing concern regarding populations of cats who are homeless. Shelters are constantly overwhelmed by the influx of cats without caregivers and are seeking solutions to enhance positive outcomes for them. In 2014, the Guelph Humane Society implemented a...

  14. Effect of Hippotherapy on Motor Proficiency and Function in Children with Cerebral Palsy Who Walk

    Contributor(s):: Champagne, D., Corriveau, H., Dugas, C.

  15. Effects of a program of human interaction and alterations in diet composition on activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in dogs housed in a public animal shelter

    Contributor(s):: Hennessy, M. B., Voith, V. L., Hawke, J. L., Young, T. L., Centrone, J., McDowell, A. L., Linden, F., Davenport, G. M.

  16. Effects of dog-appeasing pheromones on anxiety and fear in puppies during training and on long-term socialization

    Contributor(s):: Denenberg, S., Landsberg, G. M.

  17. Effects of horse riding simulator on sitting motor function in children with spastic cerebral palsy

    Contributor(s):: Chinniah, H., Natarajan, M., Ramanathan, R., Ambrose, J. W. F.

  18. Effects of imprint training procedure at birth on the reactions of foals at age six months

    Contributor(s):: Williams, J. L., Friend, T. H., Collins, M. N., Toscano, M. J., Sisto-Burt, A., Nevill, C. H.

  19. Effects of therapeutic horse riding on gait cycle parameters and some aspects of behavior of children with autism

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Steiner, H., Kertesz, Z.

    We studied effects of therapeutic riding on the development of children with autism. Experiments in walking is appropriate for assessing the coordination of movement and for following the changes. We found that therapeutic riding should be considered as a new form of rehabilitation. Twenty-six...

  20. Epidemiology of cat-scratch disease hospitalizations among children in the United States

    | Contributor(s):: Reynolds, M. G., Holman, R. C., Curns, A. T., O'Reilly, M., McQuiston, J. H., Steiner, C. A.