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  1. Evidence of a limited role for prolactin in the preparturient activity of confined gilts

    Contributor(s):: Rushen, J., Robert, S., Farmer, C.

    To investigate the role of peripheral prolactin in stimulating the preparturient activity of pigs, 12 cross-bred gilts housed in standard farrowing crates either received orally 10 mg of bromocriptine three times per day from day 110 of gestation or served as controls. Jugular blood samples were...

  2. Evolutionizing grief: viewing photographs of the deceased predicts misattribution of ambiguous stimuli by the bereaved

    Contributor(s):: White, C., Fessler, D. M.

  3. Factors which influence parturition in the mare and development of the foal

    Contributor(s):: Campitelli, S., Carenzi, C., Verga, M.

    127 foals born to 127 mares were studied. Mares aged 5, 6-11 and 12 yr gave birth to foals with birth weights of 42.65+or-6.175, 51.07+or-7.031 and 46.05+or-8.816 kg resp. and foetal membrane weights of 5.45+or-1.000, 6.27+or-1.191 and 6.37+or-1.104 kg; differences between age groups were...

  4. Help-Seeking Among Abused Women With Pets: Evidence From a Canadian Sample

    Contributor(s):: Barrett, B. J., Fitzgerald, A., Peirone, A., Stevenson, R., Cheung, C. H.

  5. Horseback riding in children with cerebral palsy: effect on gross motor function

    Contributor(s):: Sterba, J. A., Rogers, B. T., France, A. P., Vokes, D. A.

  6. How do guide dogs and pet dogs (Canis familiaris) ask their owners for their toy and for playing?

    Contributor(s):: Gaunet, F.

  7. Humane euthanasia of neonates I: validation of the effectiveness of the Zephyr EXL non-penetrating captive-bolt euthanasia system on neonate piglets up to 10.9 kg live-weight

    Contributor(s):: Grist, A., Murrell, J. C., McKinstry, J. L., Knowles, T. G., Wotton, S. B.

  8. Immediate effects of a hippotherapy session on gait parameters in children with spastic cerebral palsy

    Contributor(s):: McGee, M. C., Reese, N. B.

  9. Improvements in muscle symmetry in children with cerebral palsy after equine-assisted therapy (hippotherapy)

    Contributor(s):: Benda, W., McGibbon, N. H., Grant, K. L.

  10. Improving adolescent social competence and behavior: a randomized trial of an 11-week equine facilitated learning prevention program

    Contributor(s):: Pendry, P., Carr, A. M., Smith, A. N., Roeter, S. M.

  11. Indoor pet exposure and the outcomes of total IgE and sensitization at age 18 years

    Contributor(s):: Wegienka, G., Johnson, C. C., Havstad, S., Ownby, D. R., Zoratti, E. M.

  12. Multimodal rehabilitation in the late phase after stroke enhances the life situation of informal caregivers

    Contributor(s):: Bunketorp-Kall, L., Lundgren-Nilsson, A., Nilsson, M., Blomstrand, C.

  13. Multiple sclerosis and dog ownership. A case-control investigation

    Contributor(s):: Read, D., Nassim, D., Smith, P., Patterson, C., Warlow, C.

  14. On the temporal onset of postmortem animal scavenging. "Motivation" of the animal

    Contributor(s):: Rothschild, M. A., Schneider, V.

  15. Owner-perceived, weighted quality-of-life assessments in dogs with spinal cord injuries

    Contributor(s):: Levine, J. M., Budke, C. M., Levine, G. J., Kerwin, S. C., Hettlich, B. F., Slater, M. R.

  16. Past pets and Paget's disease

    Contributor(s):: O'Driscoll, J. B., Anderson, D. C.

  17. Perception of time duration by domestic hens

    Contributor(s):: Taylor, P. E., Haskell, M., Appleby, M. C., Waran, N. K.

    This experiment investigated the ability of the domestic hen to predict a time interval of several minutes when given a reliable signal. This was achieved using the peak procedure method, an extension of a fixed interval (FI) schedule that gives partial reinforcement to identify temporal...

  18. Perceptions and priorities of owners of dogs with heart disease regarding quality versus quantity of life for their pets

    Contributor(s):: Oyama, M. A., Rush, J. E., O'Sullivan, M. L., Williams, R. M., Rozanski, E. A., Petrie, J. P., Sleeper, M. M., Brown, D. C.

  19. Personal endotoxin exposure in a panel study of school children with asthma

    Contributor(s):: Delfino, R. J., Staimer, N., Tjoa, T.

  20. Pet Ownership and the Risk of Dying from Cardiovascular Disease Among Adults Without Major Chronic Medical Conditions

    Contributor(s):: Ogechi, I., Snook, K., Davis, B. M., Hansen, A. R., Liu, F., Zhang, J.