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  1. Early childhood risk factors for sensitization at school age

    Contributor(s):: Kuehr, J., Frischer, T., Karmaus, W., Meinert, R., Barth, R., Herrmann-Kunz, E., Forster, J., Urbanek, R.

  2. Heredity, pet ownership, and confounding control in a population-based birth cohort

    Contributor(s):: Almqvist, C., Egmar, A. C., van Hage-Hamsten, M., Berglind, N., Pershagen, G., Nordvall, S. L., Svartengren, M., Hedlin, G., Wickman, M.

  3. Relationship between childhood atopy and wheeze: what mediates wheezing in atopic phenotypes?

    Contributor(s):: Kurukulaaratchy, R. J., Matthews, S., Arshad, S. H.

  4. Maternal smoking and environmental tobacco smoke exposure and the risk of allergic diseases in Japanese infants: The Osaka Maternal and Child Health Study

    Contributor(s):: Tanaka, Keiko, Miyake, Yoshihiro, Sasaki, Satoshi, Ohya, Yukihiro, Hirota, Yoshio

  5. The dog as a passive smoker: Effects of exposure to environmental cigarette smoke on domestic dogs

    Contributor(s):: Roza, Marcello Rodrigues, Viegas, Carlos Alberto Assis

  6. Vicious dogs part 2: criminal thinking, callousness, and personality styles of their owners

    Contributor(s):: Schenk, A. M., Ragatz, L. L., Fremouw, W. J.