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  1. Development of a welfare assessment protocol for dairy calves from birth through to weaning

    Contributor(s):: Barry, J., Kennedy, E., Sayers, R., de Boer, I. J. M., Bokkers, E. A. M.

  2. Giving calves 'the best start': Perceptions of colostrum management on dairy farms in England

    Contributor(s):: Palczynski, L. J., Bleach, E. C. L., Brennan, M. L., Robinson, P. A.

  3. Surrendered and Stray Dogs in Australia—Estimation of Numbers Entering Municipal Pounds, Shelters and Rescue Groups and Their Outcomes

    Contributor(s):: Diana Chua, Jackquie Rand, John Morton

    There is no national system for monitoring numbers of dogs entering municipal council pounds and shelters in Australia, or their outcomes. This limits understanding of the surrendered and stray dog issue, and prevents the evaluation of management strategies. We aimed to estimate these in...

  4. Intake Procedures in Colorado Animal Shelters

    Contributor(s):: Anna Fagre, Francisco Olea-Popelka, Rebeca Ruch-Gallie

    The purpose of this study was to describe intake procedures in Colorado animal shelters, compare infectious disease screening protocols in shelters taking in animals from out-of-state to shelters only accepting animals from Colorado, and analyze perceived risk of diseases in Colorado by...

  5. Dogs on the Move: Factors Impacting Animal Shelter and Rescue Organizations' Decisions to Accept Dogs from Distant Locations

    Contributor(s):: Kaitlyn E. Simmons, Christy L. Hoffman

    Long-distance dog transfer programs are a topic of burgeoning interest in the animal welfare community, but little research has focused on such programs. This exploratory study, which surveyed 193 individuals associated with animal shelter and rescue organizations in the United States, evaluated...

  6. Special Issue: Ethical aspects of large-scale land acquisition in developing countries

    Contributor(s):: Voget-Kleschin, L., Ott, K.

    This special issue aims at investigating large-scale land acquisitions (LaSLA) from an ethical perspective. It encompasses four case studies, namely the case of Limphasa Sugar Corporation in Malawi, financed by a Malawian and some British Investors; Chinese-based land-acquisitions in Cambodia; a...

  7. Umsetzungsmöglichkeiten musikalischer Elemente in der Heilpädagogischen Förderung mit dem Pferd [The Transfer of musical Elements to therapeutic riding]

    Contributor(s):: Sandig, Christine

  8. Der Pferd-Komplex - über die psychodynamische Bedeutung von Pferden in der Therapie [The Horse-Complex - about the Psychodynamic Impact of Horses in Therapy]

    Contributor(s):: Scheidhacker, Michaela

  9. The effect on social organization and milk production of minor group alteratlons in dairy cattle

    Contributor(s):: Collis, K. A., Kay, S. J., Grant, A. J., Quick, A. J.

    2 groups of 15 and 12 cows resp. were maintained under identical conditions of management. The 2 most dominant cows from the 1st group were transferred to the 2nd group then returned 2 wk later. After a further 4 wk, the 2 most subordinate cows from the 1st group were transferred to the 2nd group...

  10. A quantitative analysis of social behaviour of different crossbreds of dairy cattle kept in loose housing and its relationship to productivity

    Contributor(s):: Jezierski, T. A., Podluzny, M.

    The social behaviour of Polish Black-and-White dairy cattle (BW) was compared with that of the F1-crossbreds of BW with Jersey (BW x J), Ayrshire (BW x Ay), Holstein-Friesian (BW x HF) and Swedish Black-and-White (BW x SLB). The crossbreds BW x J proved to be most aggressive, excitable and...