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  1. Behavioural adaptation to a short or no dry period with associated management in dairy cows

    Contributor(s):: Kok, Akke, van Hoeij, Renny J., Tolkamp, Bert J., Haskell, Marie J., van Knegsel, Ariëtte T. M., de Boer, Imke J. M., Bokkers, Eddie A. M.

    From calving, dairy cows are typically milked for about a year, and subsequently managed to have a non-lactating or ‘dry period’ (DP) before next calving. However, the use of a DP may reduce cow welfare because typical DP management involves the cow changing groups and ration. Also, the DP...

  2. The experience of acquiring an assistance dog: examination of the transition process for first-time handlers

    Contributor(s):: Gravrok, J., Bendrups, D., Howell, T., Bennett, P.

  3. Westonwood Ranch

    Contributor(s):: Lindy Wood

    Westonwood Ranch will offer a unique learning curriculum to improve life skills and vocational skills to young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Program participants will have the opportunity to engage in a vast variety of skill sets and activities. Similar to a “college...

  4. Liminal spaces : therapeutic encounters between horses and adolecents

    Contributor(s):: Stephanie Terre Blanche

    In this study, the intersections between Equine Assisted Psychotherapeutic interventions and adolescence are explored. Equine Assisted therapeutic work has recently gained much popularity in the field of psychology, due to many reported benefits, which include the value of the use of the horse as...

  5. English learners with disabilities in high school: Population characteristics, transition programs, and postschool outcomes

    Contributor(s):: Trainor, Audrey, Murray, Angela, Kim, Hye-Jung

  6. Characteristics of transition planning and services for students with high-incidence disabilities

    Contributor(s):: Trainor, Audrey A., Morningstar, Mary E., Murray, Angela

  7. Transition to adulthood: The experience of youth with physical disabilities living with a service dog

    Contributor(s):: Modlin, Susan Jane

    The focus of this qualitative descriptive study is the experience of physically disabled young people as they transition into adulthood while living with a service dog. The cornerstone of young adulthood is transition. For any young adult leaving home, the transition involves inter- and...

  8. Agriculture - Who cares? An investigation of 'care farming' in the UK

    Contributor(s):: Leck, Chris, Evans, Nick, Upton, Dominic