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  1. The effects of elevated platforms and concealment screens on the welfare of blue foxes

    Contributor(s):: Mononen, J., Kasanen, S., Harri, M., Sepponen, J., Rekila, T.

    Nowadays in Europe, farmed blue foxes are kept for most of the year in wire-mesh cages furnished with a platform for resting and observing the environment but without any opportunity for hiding from other foxes or from man. We studied the welfare effects of providing an elevated platform and two...

  2. Training laboratory-housed non-human primates, part 1: a UK survey

    Contributor(s):: Prescott, M. J., Buchanan-Smith, H. M.

    Training using positive reinforcement is increasingly recognised as a valuable tool for the humane and effective management and use of laboratory-housed non-human primates. We utilised a mixed-mode questionnaire to survey use of training and other learning processes (socialisation, habituation...