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  1. Carrots and sticks: a discourse on interspecies partnership and culture in dog sport

    Contributor(s):: Candice Reynolds

    Dogs are not only good to think but good to live and become with. In this study I explored the overarching concerns of interspecific relations among “schutzhund people”: an emerging multispecies sub-culture in South Africa pertaining to a German dog sport called schutzhund. Four...

  2. Animal-assisted activities: Results from a survey of top-ranked pediatric oncology hospitals

    Contributor(s):: Chubak, Jessica, Hawkes, Rene

  3. The animal-human bond: Health and wellness

    Contributor(s):: Friedmann, Erika, Son, Heesook, Saleem, Mudasir, Fine, Aubrey H.

  4. Animal-assisted intervention in health care contexts

    Contributor(s):: Johnson, R.A.

  5. Dog-walking: Motivation for adherence to a walking program

    Contributor(s):: Johnson, Rebecca A., Meadows, Richard L.

  6. Historical Perspectives on the Human-Animal Bond

    Contributor(s):: Hines, Linda M.

  7. La relazione uomo-animale come facilitatore del cambiamento

    Contributor(s):: Corrieri, Ugo