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  1. Paws for Progress: The development and evaluation of the first prison based dog training programme in the UK

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Rebecca Jean Leonardi

    The most common type of human animal interaction (HAI) programme used in prisons involves prisoners caring for and training unwanted dogs from rescue shelters, to prepare the dogs for rehoming. Such programmes have been previously developed specifically aimed towards male young offenders, and...

  2. Pine Irwin

  3. Jun 24 2017

    2017 UK Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference

    Registration is now open for the fourth annual UK Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference which will be held on the south London campus of Kingston University on June 24-25, 2017.Now in...

  4. Apr 08 2017

    International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants Conference 2017

    The IAABC was founded in 2004, recognizing that the practice of assisting the public with companion animal behavior problems was a growing field that encompassed many different professionals:...

  5. Save a Dog's Life: Karyn Garvin at TEDxTucson

    | Contributor(s):: Karyn Garvin

    Karyn Garvin’s talk, “Saving a Dogs’ Life” will appeal to dog enthusiasts from all walks of life. She brings a unique clarity to the distinction between Separation Anxiety in dogs and another condition referred to as Containment Phobia in dogs. The concern is that...

  6. Why using dog training psychology to train people makes sense: Graeme Hall at TEDxLeamingtonSpa

    | Contributor(s):: Graeme Hall

    As one of Britain's top dog trainers, Graeme – aka “The Dogfather” has helped over 4,000 dogs and one fox. Here, he reveals why his magic formula for taming even the wildest dogs can work on humans. Acknowledged by the media as one of Britain's top dog trainers,...

  7. Understanding why guide dogs fail to meet their predicted qualification outcomes

    | Contributor(s):: Daisy Jones

    Guide dogs provide life changing mobility support and companionship for thousands of blind and partially sighted people. A proportion of dogs undertaking training to be guides will not enter work due to health or temperamental reasons. This work was designed to investigate the issues associated...

  8. Feb 10 2017

    Woof!: The European Behaviour & Training Conference

    We launched out first European Behaviour and Training Conference called Woof! in 2013.  After a highly successful event with rave reviews, over 200 delegates and the best UK and international...

  9. Effects of a standardized obedience program on approachability and problem behaviors in dogs from rescue shelters

    | Contributor(s):: Lauren Denise Hays

    Improved adoptability is a common goal among rescue shelters. Dogs are more likely to be adopted if they are friendly, mannerly, and approachable. The possibility of improving rescue shelter dogs' behavior through an obedience program has not been examined. We developed an approachability...

  10. Management and rehabilitation of inter-dog aggression in animal shelters

    | Contributor(s):: Jane S. Orihel

    Identification and treatment of inter-dog aggression is important so that animal shelters can re-home animals safely and reduce long-term confinement and euthanasia rates. This thesis describes 1) a survey study which identified current management of aggressive dogs in shelters and explored the...

  11. Jun 11 2016

    2016 National Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference

    ​For the third straight year, renowned TV dog behaviour expert Victoria Stilwell has enlisted the help of the world’s top canine behaviour experts, specialists and educators to create the...

  12. The Man Who Listens to Behavior: Folk Wisdom and Behavior Analysis from a Real Horse Whisperer

    | Contributor(s):: James Dougan, Valeri Farmer-dougan

    The popular novel and movie The Horse Whisperer are based on the work of several real-life horse whisperers, the most famous of whom is Monty Roberts. Over the last 50 years, Roberts has developed a technique for training horses that is both more effective and less aversive than traditional...

  13. Pit Bull Bans and the Human Factors Affecting Canine Behavior

    | Contributor(s):: Jamey Medlin

    In September 1983, a horrific story dominated news headlines in Cincinnati: a local child had been mauled to death by his family dog, a pit bull.1 The attack enraged the community and drove the local government to ban pit bulls from the city. Several days after the boy's death, details about...

  14. What Every Person Can Learn From Dog Training: Noa Szefler at TEDxJaffa

    | Contributor(s):: Noa Szefler

    Noa Szefler is experienced in dog training and hopes to share her methods with others in order to revolutionize the way we interact with animals.  Rather than punishing for bad behavior, she suggests rewarding for good behavior.  By looking for the positives in animals' behavior,...

  15. Kimberly

  16. Jun 20 2015

    COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers Conference 2015

    The CAPBT Annual Conference will be June 20, 2015 and is open to all. The day will include presentations by Professor Ray Coppinger on the topics of "What if Anything is a Dog?" and "What Makes a...

  17. Apr 18 2015

    International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants 2015 Animal Behavior Conference

    In this rare opportunity for an intimate and in-depth look at high-level work with behavior and training, our speakers include:Ken Ramirez, who will give two longer talks:Introducing Highly...

  18. Audrey Schwartz Rivers