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  1. Behavioural fear and heart rate responses of horses after exposure to novel objects: Effects of habituation

    Contributor(s):: Leiner, Lisa, Fendt, Markus

    The emotion fear promotes the fitness of wild animals. In a farm environment, exaggerated fear, e.g., in horses, can cause several problems. Therefore, knowledge about fear in horses helps to prevent or to handle potential fear-inducing situations. The present study investigated which behavioural...

  2. Facing the Fear: A Self-Help Guide to Getting Over Animal Phobias

    Contributor(s):: Marchman, James N.

  3. Fears and phobias

    Contributor(s):: Luiselli, James K.

  4. Investigating fear in domestic rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss , using an avoidance learning task

    Contributor(s):: Yue, S., Moccia, R. D., Duncan, I. J. H.

    The capacity of rainbow trout to experience fear was assessed using an avoidance learning task. Each of 13 fish was placed individually into a two-chambered shuttle tank where it could be subjected to the putative frightening stimulus of a plunging dip net in either chamber. The fish could escape...

  5. Avoidance reactions of domestic dogs to unfamiliar male and female humans in a kennel setting

    Contributor(s):: Lore, R. K., Eisenberg, F. B.

    Many kennel owners and veterinarians prefer women assistants because it is assumed that women elicit less avoidance from domestic animals than men. To evaluate this assumption, 10 male and 10 female dogs were given two human-reaction tests to assess their behaviour in the presence of an...