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  1. The anthropology of traps: Concrete technologies and theoretical interfaces

    Contributor(s):: Corsín Jiménez, Alberto, Nahum-Claudel, Chloe

  2. Comment: Reflections on Meat-Eaters, Vegetarians, and Vampires

    Contributor(s):: Sutton, David

  3. Archaeology and Human-Animal Relations: Is Anthropocentrism an Issue?

    Contributor(s):: Boyd, Brian

  4. Deer and identity in medieval Ireland

    Contributor(s):: Fiona Beglane

    The concept that identity is inextricably linked with places, landscapes and objects has become familiar in archaeology (Thomas 1998, 80, 90; Bradley 2000, 155-61; O'Keeffe 2001). It is only recently however that this idea has been extended to animals and their interaction with human society...

  5. Early domestication and farming: what should we know or do for a better understanding?

    Contributor(s):: Vigne, J. D.

    This paper aims to identify a series of conceptual, strategic and technological challenges facing archaeozoology (and archaeobotany) in order to better understand when, where, how and why plant and animal domestication and farming developed during the last 12 000 years. Situated at the interface...

  6. Ancient camelids in the Old World - between Arabia and Europe

    Contributor(s):: Mashkour, M., Beech, M.

    This special issue contains topics on the history, use and value of camels in different areas of the world, including Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Romania, Hungary and Serbia.

  7. A god forsaken: the sacred bear in Andean iconography and cosmology

    Contributor(s):: Paisley, Susanna

  8. Material culture, behavior, and identity: the human body as experiential nexus

    Contributor(s):: Piprani, John

  9. The nature of the beast: curating animals and ancestors at Çatalhöyük

    Contributor(s):: Meskell, Lynn

  10. The semiotics of powerful places: rock art and landscape relations in the Sierra Tarahumara, Mexico

    Contributor(s):: Wyndham, Felice S.

  11. Body metamorphosis and animality: volatile bodies and boulder artworks from Lepenski Vir

    Contributor(s):: Borić, Dusan

  12. Late Copper Age vessel with cattle head decoration from Vác

    Contributor(s):: Kővári, K.

  13. Early Upper Palaeolithic approaches to bone and antler projectile technology

    Contributor(s):: Knecht, Heidi, Peterkin, Gail Larsen, Bricker, Harvey M., Mellars, Paul

  14. "Cats Here, Cats There, Cats and Kittens Everywhere": An Urban Extermination of Cats in Nineteenth-Century Cincinnati

    Contributor(s):: Warner, Mark S., Genheimer, Robert A.

  15. A Brief Note on the Significance of Prehistoric Dogs from the Eastern Aleutian Islands

    Contributor(s):: Holland, Kathryn M.

  16. Early And Mid-Holocene Dogs In Southeastern North America: Examples From Dust Cave

    Contributor(s):: Walker, Renee B., Morey, Darcy F., Relethford, John H.

  17. Fleshing Out The Evidence: From Archaic Dog Burials To Historic Dog Feasts

    Contributor(s):: Oberholtzer, Cath

  18. Late Pleistocene Horse Hunting at the Wally's Beach Site (Dhpg-8), Canada

    Contributor(s):: Kooyman, B., Hills, L. V., McNeil, P., Tolman, S.

  19. Le Chien De L'Occupation Archaïque Du Site Cadieux (BHFN-7)

    Contributor(s):: Piérard, Jean, Côté, Marc, Pinel, Lyn

  20. The Birth of the Herd

    Contributor(s):: Mlekuz, D.

    One of the most significant contributions of archaeology to the studies of human-animal relations is the concept of the "domestication" of non-human animals. Domestication is often seen as a specific human-animal relation that explains the ways people and animals interact. However, I argue, that...