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  1. METHODS FOR MULTISPECIES ANTHROPOLOGY: Thinking with Salmon Otoliths and Scales

    Contributor(s):: Swanson, Heather Anne

  2. Understanding the Human-Animal Bond: Implications for Practice with Community-Living Older Adults

    Contributor(s):: Callahan, Ann M., Brotherton, Regina, Vakalahi, Halaevalu F. Ofahengaue, Simpson, Gaynell M., Giunta, Nancy

  3. Farm animal production: changing agriculture in a changing culture. (Special issue: food animal husbandry and the new millennium)

    Contributor(s):: Fraser, D.

    Western attitudes toward animals have undergone a gradual evolution during recent centuries, driven by the scientific recognition that humans and many other species share a common anatomical template, a common phylogenetic ancestry, and certain similarities in their social and emotional lives....

  4. An ethnography of an Idaho farm woman: Embodied knowing and communication

    Contributor(s):: Walker, Robyn Carlea

  5. Djurens skepnader: Narhet och distans i diskurs och livsvarld

    Contributor(s):: Falkengren, Jutta

  6. Dogs, cats, and their people: The place of the family pet and attitudes about pet keeping

    Contributor(s):: Johnson, Jill

    The perception of pets as ‘family members’ is an important area of research in the study of human-animal relationships. The objective of this thesis is to assess the ways in which pets are integrated into the home, and to explore how pet owners regard their dogs and cats within their...

  7. The efficacy of protest: Meaning and social movement outcomes

    Contributor(s):: Einwohner, Rachel Lynn

  8. The global pigeon: A comparative ethnography of human-animal relations in urban communities

    Contributor(s):: Jerolmack, Colin

  9. Understanding death in cultural context: A study of Mexican children and their families

    Contributor(s):: Gutierrez, Isabel T.