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  1. Pets in the context of disaster: challenges of (de)protectionAnimais de estimacao em contexto de desastres: desafios de (des)protecao

    Contributor(s):: Antonio, L. S., Valencio, N. F. L. da S.

    Immeasurable social-environmental damage and losses occur in catastrophic disasters related to hydro meteorological events. Some of them have prominence to the authorities who work in the emergency context and others do not. In Brazil, in general, animals seriously affected in these disasters...

  2. Review of the risks of some canine zoonoses from free-roaming dogs in the post-disaster setting of Latin America

    Contributor(s):: Garde, E., Acosta-Jamett, G., Bronsvoort, B. M.

    In the absence of humane and sustainable control strategies for free-roaming dogs (FRD) and the lack of effective disaster preparedness planning in developing regions of the world, the occurrence of canine zoonoses is a potentially important yet unrecognized issue. The existence of large...

  3. Assisting older victims of disasters: roles and responsibilities for social workers

    Contributor(s):: Torgusen, Barbara L., Kosberg, Jordan I.

  4. No friend left behind

    Contributor(s):: Basler, Barbara

  5. Field treatment of search dogs: lessons learned from the World Trade Center disaster

    Contributor(s):: Otto, C. M., Franz, M. A., Kellogg, B., Lewis, R., Murphy, L., Lauber, G.

  6. Pet-friendly shelters: protecting animals and responders too

    Contributor(s):: Culver, A.

  7. The veterinary profession's duty of care in response to disasters and food animal emergencies

    Contributor(s):: Nusbaum, K. E., Rollin, B. E., Wohl, J. S.

  8. An overview of disaster preparedness for veterinarians

    Contributor(s):: Heath, S. E., Dorn, R., Linnabary, R. D., Hooks, J., Casper, J., Marshall, K.

  9. Participation of veterinarians in disaster management

    Contributor(s):: Heath, S. E., Hooks, J., Marshall, K., Dorn, R., Linnabary, R. D., Casper, J.