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  1. Odering the Feral Cat: Stakeholder Perspectives on Cat Overpopulation

    Contributor(s):: Kyle Hutson

    This paper discusses the historical and cultural ways in which people attempt to order the domestic cat both spatially and conceptually, with special attention to how this ordering influences perceptions of feral cats. Feral cats are unowned or semi-owned and live entirely unconfined to a home,...

  2. The Obscurantist Turn in Anthropology: From Zoomania to Animalism in the West

    Contributor(s):: Digard, Jean-Pierre

  3. All in the family: Small stories and narrative construction of a shared family identity that includes pets

    Contributor(s):: Tovares, Alla V.

  4. Individulized [sic] care: can I bring my dog? [Portuguese]

    Contributor(s):: Bussotti, E. A., Leão, E. R., Chimentão, D. M. N., Silva, C. P. R.