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  1. Depiction of animals in the Popol Vuh and current Mayan folktales

    Contributor(s):: Rodríguez-Mejía, Fredy

  2. Mules in folk beliefs among the Slovak Romany

    Contributor(s):: Hübschmanonová, Milena

  3. Prescription and proscription in Ojibwe animal-marriage tales

    Contributor(s):: Valentine, J. Randolph

  4. Sounds and symbolism from the netherworld : acoustic archaeology at the Animal Master's portal

    Contributor(s):: Garfinkel, Alan P.

  5. The semiotics of powerful places: rock art and landscape relations in the Sierra Tarahumara, Mexico

    Contributor(s):: Wyndham, Felice S.

  6. Animales en el mundo festivo de la depresión momposina

    Contributor(s):: Álvarez Zapata, Olma Juni

  7. Fiancée exotique, fiancée-animal?

    Contributor(s):: Angelopoulos, Anna

  8. La narrativa animalística y la mitología del trickster en la Puna jujeña: la figura de zorro

    Contributor(s):: Morgante, María Gabriela

  9. La symbolique des animaux dans la culture populaire polonaise - de l'étable a la forêt

    Contributor(s):: Mosio, Grażyna

  10. Myth as a tool of memory: remembrance and interpretation of a passage from genesis by an Inuit elder from Baffin island

    Contributor(s):: Laugrand, Frédéric

  11. Oralidad popular en el bestiario momposino

    Contributor(s):: Posada Giraldo, Consuelo

  12. The most revered of foxes: knowledge of animals and animal power in an Ainu Kamui Yukar

    Contributor(s):: Srtong, Sarah M.

  13. Wolf holidays among southern Slavs in the Balkans

    Contributor(s):: Mencej, Mirjam

  14. Why Two Younger Brothers Wanted a Beaver Wife: Intimate Cree and Not-Cree Knowledge of Non-Human Persons

    Contributor(s):: Preston, Richard J.