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  1. The Canine Frustration Questionnaire—Development of a New Psychometric Tool for Measuring Frustration in Domestic Dogs (Canis familiaris)

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s):: Kevin J. McPeake, Lisa M. Collins, Helen Zulch, Daniel S. Mills

    Introduction: Psychometric tools have been developed for the assessment of behavioral and affective traits in non-human animals. Frustration can be defined as an emotional reaction experienced after a given expectation is violated. Frustration is a negative emotional state and whilst it...

  2. The vocal expression of feeding motivation and frustration in the domestic laying hen, Gallus gallus domesticus

    Contributor(s):: Zimmerman, P. H., Koene, P., Hooff, J. A. R. A. M. van

    Thwarting of feeding behaviour in the laying hen results in an increase in stereotyped pacing, displacement preening, and the gakel-call. These behaviours therefore reflect the frustration arousal caused by the thwarting of feeding behaviour. This raises the question whether the level of...

  3. Thwarting of behaviour in different contexts and the gakel-call in the laying hen

    Contributor(s):: Zimmerman, P. H., Koene, P., Hooff, J. A. R. A. M. van

    Earlier studies have shown that thwarting of feeding behaviour in the laying hen is expressed through a specific vocalization, the gakel-call. The first aim of this study was to investigate whether the effect of deprivation per se on the occurrence of gakel-calls can be distinguished from the...

  4. Arousal and exploration in growing pigs in different environments

    Contributor(s):: Stolba, A., Wood-Gush, D. G. M.

  5. The use of diazepam as a pharmacological validation of eye white as an indicator of emotional state in dairy cows

    Contributor(s):: Sandem, A. I., Janczak, A. M., Salte, R., Braastad, B. O.

    This experiment aims at validating the percentage of visible white in the eye as an emotional indicator, related to the frustration-contentedness axis, in cattle. Earlier experiments showed that the calculated percentage of white in the eyes was larger in frustrated or scared cows compared to...