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  1. Canine Rescue as a Social Movement: The Politics of Love

    Contributor(s):: Peterson, A. L.

  2. New Zealand Vegetarians: At Odds with Their Nation

    Contributor(s):: Potts, A., White, M.

  3. Support for animal rights as a function of belief in evolution, religious fundamentalism, and religious denomination

    Contributor(s):: DeLeeuw, J. L., Galen, L. W., Aebersold, C., Stanton, V.

  4. Women and the World of Dog Rescue: A Case Study of the State of Michigan

    Contributor(s):: Markovits, A. S., Queen, R.

  5. Obligations to animals are based on rights

    Contributor(s):: Regan, T.

    Some feminist philosophers criticize the idea of human rights because, they allege, it encapsulates male bias; it is therefore misguided, in their view, to extend moral rights to non-human animals. This paper argues that the feminist criticism is misguided. Ideas are not biased in favour of men...

  6. Obligations to animals are not necessarily based on rights

    Contributor(s):: Slicer, D.

    The paper offers an argument to the effect that rights are grounded in a certain sort of prejudice that privileges individualistic and perhaps masculinist ways of thinking about moral life. It also proposes that other conceptions of social ontology and moral life be examined, including the much...