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  1. Attitudes toward Animals among Kindergarten Children: Species Preferences

    Contributor(s):: Borgi, Marta, Cirulli, Francesca

    Attitudes toward animals are influenced by both animal traits (e.g., similarity to humans, aesthetic quality, size) and individual human attributes (e.g., gender, age, educational level, cultural factors). Although the examination of children's interest in animals, and their preference for...

  2. Gender Stereotyping in Young Children: Evidence to Support a Concept-Learning Approach

    Contributor(s):: Cowan, Gloria, Hoffman, Charles D.

  3. Gender, Sex Role Orientation, and Attitudes Toward Animals

    Contributor(s):: Herzog Jr, Harold A., Betchart, Nancy S., Pittman, Robert B.

  4. Attitudes on Animal Research Predict Acceptance of Genetic Modification Technologies by University Undergraduates

    Contributor(s):: Gabriel, K. I., Rutledge, B. H., Barkley, C. L.

  5. Individual Difference and Study-Specific Characteristics Influencing Attitudes about the Use of Animals in Medical Research

    Contributor(s):: Henry, B., Pulcino, R.

  6. Sympathetic Reactions to the Bait Dog in a Film of Dog Fighting: The Influence of Personality and Gender

    Contributor(s):: Lee, S. A., Gibbons, J. A., Short, S. D.

  7. Caring about blood, flesh, and pain: Women's standing in the animal protection movement

    Contributor(s):: Munro, L.

  8. Tracing the profile of animal rights supporters: A preliminary investigation

    Contributor(s):: Jerolmack, C.

  9. Obligations to animals are not necessarily based on rights

    Contributor(s):: Slicer, D.

    The paper offers an argument to the effect that rights are grounded in a certain sort of prejudice that privileges individualistic and perhaps masculinist ways of thinking about moral life. It also proposes that other conceptions of social ontology and moral life be examined, including the much...