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  1. Response: A Defense of Pluhar

    Contributor(s):: Dombrowski, Daniel

  2. Brute compassion: The ambivalent growth of sympathy for animals in English literature and culture, 1671--1831

    Contributor(s):: Van de Merghel, Genevieve

  3. Animal exploitation at K├Ârtik Tepe: an early aceramic Neolithic site in southeastern Turkey

    Contributor(s):: Arbuckle, Benjamin S., Özkaya, Vecihi

  4. Material culture, behavior, and identity: the human body as experiential nexus

    Contributor(s):: Piprani, John

  5. Food, hunting, and taboo: cultural heritage in practice

    Contributor(s):: Nielsen, Niels Kaiser

  6. Issues affecting subsistence security in Arctic societies

    Contributor(s):: Freeman, Milton M. R.

  7. James Bay Cree: material culture, community ties, and religious expression

    Contributor(s):: Oberholtzer, Cath

  8. Early Upper Palaeolithic approaches to bone and antler projectile technology

    Contributor(s):: Knecht, Heidi, Peterkin, Gail Larsen, Bricker, Harvey M., Mellars, Paul

  9. Upper Palaeolithic procurement and processing strategies in southwest France

    Contributor(s):: Boyle, Katherine V., Peterkin, Gail Larsen, Bricker, Harvey M., Mellars, Paul

  10. Variablility in hunter-gatherer seasonal mobility in the southern Levant: from the Mousterian to the Natufian

    Contributor(s):: Lieberman, Daniel E., Peterkin, Gail Larsen, Bricker, Harvey M., Mellars, Paul

  11. An imaginary wild horse in the Siberian Arctic

    Contributor(s):: Maj, Emilie

  12. Late Pleistocene Horse Hunting at the Wally's Beach Site (Dhpg-8), Canada

    Contributor(s):: Kooyman, B., Hills, L. V., McNeil, P., Tolman, S.

  13. Hunting restraint by Creoles at the Community Baboon Sanctuary, Belize: a preliminary survey

    Contributor(s):: Jones, C. B., Young, J.

    This study surveyed 33 male hunters between the ages of 17 and 54 years at the Community Baboon Sanctuary (CBS), Belize, to evaluate attitudes and behaviours in relation to hunting black howler monkeys (Alouatta pigra). The study defined hunting restraint as a learned predisposition not to hunt 1...

  14. Equine gatekeepers, animal narratives and foxhunting landscapes

    Contributor(s):: Acton, A.

    Firstly, this paper analyzes the dynamic between horse, rider, and landscape in foxhunting culture. Secondly, it considers nonhuman animals as active elements within the research process. The methodology principally involved extensive, in-depth participation as a rider within mounted foxhound...

  15. The gift in the animal: The ontology of hunting and human-animal sociality

    Contributor(s):: Nadasdy, Paul

  16. Animals as spectacle and sport

    The study of animals - and the relationship between humans and other animals - is now one of the most fiercely debated topics in contemporary science and culture.Animals have a long history in human society, providing food, labour, sport and companionship as well as becoming objects for exhibit....

  17. Could empathy for animals have been an adaptation in the evolution of Homo sapiens ?

    Contributor(s):: Bradshaw, J. W. S., Paul, E. S.

    In humans, empathy has emotional and cognitive components, both of which are linked to caring and nurturant behaviour. Variations in each of these facets of empathy were likely to have been accessible to natural selection during the evolution of Homo, although the likely details of their...