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  1. Transport of horses for slaughter in Iceland

    Contributor(s):: Roy, R. C., Cockram, M. S., Dohoo, I. R., Ragnarsson, S.

    There is interest in the transportation of horses ( Equus caballus) to slaughter and a need to assess the welfare implications of this practice. Forty-six loads of 7-35 horses transported for 0.33 to 3.10 h to a slaughter plant in Iceland were studied. Adults and foals were transported together...

  2. The effect of land based seal watching tourism on the haul-out behaviour of harbour seals ( Phoca vitulina) in Iceland

    Contributor(s):: Granquist, S. M., Sigurjonsdottir, H.

    The effect of land-based seal watching on the haul-out pattern of harbour seals ( Phoca vitulina) was investigated between June and August of 2008-2010 on Vatnsnes, NW Iceland. The results showed that the behaviour and spatial haul-out pattern of seals was affected by the tourists. In 2009 the...

  3. Differences in social behaviour between late pregnant, post-partum and barren mares in a herd of Icelandic horses

    Contributor(s):: Dierendonck, M. C. van, Sigurjonsdottir, H., Colenbrander, B., Thorhallsdottir, A. G.

    Group dynamics and the social behaviour of mares were investigated in the periods before and after foaling during two non-consecutive years, in a herd of Icelandic horses consisting of adult mares and geldings and juvenile fillies, geldings and colts. The horses were observed 24 h a day for 5-6...